Tarot & Intuitive Healing Sessions

Image credit:  Olivia Treubig

Image credit: Olivia Treubig

We women are creatures of curves and spirals, of circles and spheres. We navigate the contradictory nature of our roles and goals, dreams and fears everyday. We are a beautiful, intricate design. We are a terrible tangle. We are alive with the artistry of creation and all its chaos. 
— Marisa Goudy from the forthcoming book, The Sovereignty Knot

It’s time to make sense of the tangle
and create new patterns in life.

My new book, The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love, and Magic is coming out on February 4, 2020. I am so excited to share these ideas about personal, creative, and spiritual freedom with you, but why wait?

Let’s take an hour to look at where you’ve been, where you are, and where you wish to be in the next season of life. Let’s spend some time exploring the curves and spirals of your journey - then, now, and in the days to come.

The path that has taken you here has been anything but straight and logical. The choices before you are difficult and beautiful. You know you have such potential, but you just feel blocked.

This sense of “stuckness” might be related to your relationships with your beloved, with your kids, or your community. It might be showing up in your job or how you run your business. You may be feeling out of tune with your creativity, your joy, and your sense of magic.

Let’s get together for a tarot reading
and intuitive healing session.


The answers are in the cards (sort of)

Tarot, as I understand it and practice it, isn’t about fortune telling.

Instead, tarot opens a series of dialogs - between you and the symbols on the card, between you and your own experiences, between you and me as we make meaning of your stories, fears, and desires.

Rather than looking outside yourself in a quest to predict your own fate, you use the cards to see yourself more clearly.

When you understand that the past colors the present and then you lovingly and consciously engage with them both, then you can transform the future.

How I Work: Tarot and CHILL

I have been working with The Celtic Wisdom Tarot by Caitlín Matthews for twenty years.

These 78 cards are like an extension of my own spirit at this point. They help me access knowledge and intuitive wisdom in a deep, reliable, and often entirely unexpected way.

My own healer’s toolbox is vast, however. I also use the Peruvian Chumpi Stones in a healing practice I learned from my longtime mentor and Sacred Center Mystery School teacher, Eleanora Amendolara.

Chumpi Illumination, or CHILL, enables us to access the twelve facets of human consciousness: birth, balance, unity, compassion, harmony, communion, wholeness, purification, awakening, freedom, manifestation, and creation. We use these ideas as the building blocks of healing, helping you create new portals into understanding and awakening.

The tarot cards help to reveal the story.
The Chumpi stones help to heal the story.
You and I work together to empower you to begin to write a new story.

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Image credit:  Olivia Treubig

Image credit: Olivia Treubig

About Your Reader & Healer, Marisa Goudy

I call myself a Story Healer and a Word Witch. Many also know me as an author and a writing coach.

I am also the founder of the Sovereign Writers Circle, an online community for healers who write and writers who heal.

All of my work is rooted in a passionate belief in practical magic and in the understanding that the world changes when we follow our compassionate thoughts and prayers with wise, considered action.


Let’s untangle the knots.
Let’s create new patterns of freedom, power, love & magic in your life.