When was the last time you put your creative vision first?

With all the noise out there, and all the "not good enough" voices within, it's often easier to consume rather than create.

We put work, distraction, and duty before our own burning desire to explore and say what really matters.

We forget that self-expressions is almost as essential as water, food, and human touch. We forget that writing heals. And, we forget that we need to heal ourselves and know ourselves before we can help others do the same.  


You need the space, the time, and the permission to make
your vision, your healing, and your writing a priority.

Only when you commit to yourself can you help create collective transformation in this
wonderful, difficult, totally redeemable world.

That's why I've founded the Sovereign Writers Circle, the online community for transformation professionals - healers, coaches, teachers, and therapists- who are ready to live and write a more powerful story.

That’s why I offer Story Healing, the individualized sessions that combine the practical and the magical to help you reconnect with your own divine, creative spark.

That’s why I offer ongoing Writing Coaching arrangements that enable you turn your courageous insights into the messages that matter.

Wherever you are in your journey as a writer, as a healer, and as a seeker of sovereignty, I’m here support you as you discover and tell the stories that help make this world more beautiful, bearable, and bold.


I'm Marisa Goudy - story healer, writing coach, word witch & priestess of sovereignty

I'm your guide through the gateway of story. I'm the healer who can help you find peace with your history and get deep into the belly of the mystery. 

Whether you call on me to hold space for your creative unfolding or help guide your writing process, I support therapists, healers, coaches, teachers, and other transformation professionals like you who are ready to tell your Sovereign Story.

I hold a light so you can find the words that express your brilliance. Consider me a soul friend who'll walk beside you as you write your way home.


The Sovereign Writers Circle 

An online writing community for transformation professionals who want to live & tell a more powerful story.  

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Writing Coaching

I help therapists, healers, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs get the blogging and book writing work done.

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Story Healing

Intuitive Healing and Coaching to help you unlock your creativity, and help you find the courage to express yourself.

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The Sovereignty Knot

My book in process tells the story of how I’ve made Sovereignty part of my life & work.

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