Yes, your stories can change lives,
but first, your stories must be allowed to change YOU.

You may write simply to clear your head, to make sense of your experiences, to claim the power that comes when you're the author of your own story.

You might write because the act of putting words down on paper is a soothing, soulful for activity you. It's part meditation, part self care, and all kinds of healing.

Additionally, you may be feeling called to craft those stories for an audience. You're ready to turn your ideas into something that will help readers find clarity, make meaning, and take charge of their own narrative.

No matter why you sit down to the page, concepts like “I write in order to know what I think” and "writing helps me piece together my truth" ring true for you.

("I must write" feels right too, but it's often hard to get the writing done. We'll get to that part in a second. First, let's focus on your passion for words.)

The moment you embrace this relationship with your writing and you allow it to become it to become truly important to your life, something magical happens.

You enter a portal to a new reality where you get to co-create with your own potential and your longing to make something that lasts. You get to link arms with your muse and with the reader who longs to be changed by your words.


Your words and stories need your attention,
but first, they need you to believe in them.

With all the competing priorities, all the noise out there, and all the "not good enough" voices within, it's often easier to consume rather than create.

We put work, distraction, and duty before our own burning desire to explore and say what really matters.

We forget that writing heals. And, we forget that we need to heal ourselves and know ourselves before we can help others do the same.  

You need the space, the time, the permission to make your writing and healing a priority.

That's why I've founded my the Sovereignty Circle, an online community for healers who write and writers who heal.

And, that is why I've created the #7MagicWords Project, a creativity challenge offered at the turn of each season.

Both of these offerings give you the space and support to explore your creative, healing vision and find the words to express it.

And sometimes, you need individual support to unlock your magic and hone your craft. Story Healing Sessions, are designed to help you reconnect to the divine, creative spark within.  An ongoing Writing Coaching relationship will help you take those insights and turn them into the messages that matter.

Wherever you are in your writing journey, I’m here support you as you discover and tell the stories that help make this world more beautiful, bearable, and bold.


I'm Marisa Goudy - story healer, writing coach, word witch & priestess of sovereignty


I'm your guide through the gateway of story. I'm the healer who can help you find peace with your history and get deep into the belly of the mystery. 

Whether you call on me to hold space for your creative unfolding and your writing process or you'd like me do the writing for you, I support therapists, healers, coaches, and other transformation professionals like you who are ready to tell your Sovereign Story.

I hold a light so you can find the words that express your brilliance. Consider me a soul friend who'll walk beside you as you write your way home.


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