Yes, your stories can change lives


You’re in the transformation business. You develop meaningful relationships with your clients in order to support them through their healing and growth.

You're called to hold so much… the people you serve, the livelihood you need to make, and your desire to make the world more beautiful, bearable, and bold.

You know that words and stories matter too. If only you could write into all these ideas and just get them on the website and on the page...


In reality, it's often hard to find the space and clarity to access your creativity. Sometimes, you can’t see the big picture and you can’t capture the details you need to share.

That's why I've created both the #7MagicWords Project, a free challenge offered at the turn of each season, and the Sovereign Writers Circle, a membership group for therapists, healers, and transformation professionals. Both of these creative communities give you the space and support to explore your creative, healing vision and find the words to express it.

And sometimes, you need individual support to unlock your magic and hone your craft. My creativity healing and coaching programs, the Sovereignty Sessions, are designed to help you reconnect to the divine spark within.  An ongoing Writing Coaching relationship will help you take those insights and turn them into the messages that matter.

Wherever you are in your writing journey, I’m here support you as you discover and tell the stories that transform, connect, and empower.

I'm Marisa Goudy - story healer, writing coach, copywriter & magic maker


I'm a guide through the gateway of story. I hold a light so you can find the words that express your brilliance. I'm a friend as you write your way home.

Whether you call on me to hold space for your creative unfolding and your writing process or you'd like me do the writing for you, I support therapists, healers, coaches, and other transformation professionals like you who are ready to tell your Sovereign Story.

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