You’re on a quest to reconnect to
your power, your magic, your voice.

(Note: None of these were ever lost. They have always been part of you.) 

To heal, create, and love…
This has always been your sacred mission.

(Note: You might have lost track of your passion, purpose, and creativity in the midst of the crazy and the busy, but you’ve been living a story of transformation and growth the whole time.)

You do this as healer, therapist, coach, teacher, writer, partner, caregiver, or parent.

And yet, the responsibilities and expectations of “reality” often make you forget the most unique, creative aspects of who you are.

You’ve put your real dreams behind obligation and passion behind practicality. You’ve put down your pen and stopped writing the stories that matter.

You long to uncover the stories you must tell.
The stories that will help heal the world.


It’s time to write and share the stories you’re here to tell and do the work you’re meant to do.

It’s time to give yourself the permission to use the power, the magic, the voice you’ve always had.

Where does that permission start? Deep within. 

Permission comes from sovereignty. 

Yes, sovereignty. Your sovereignty. Your personal, creative, and spiritual sovereignty.

When you are sovereign you have
an unshakable belief in your own worth,
your purpose, your own promise.

Sovereignty connects you to the remarkable, intuitive sense of who you are and what you are meant to do in this life.

Yes, sovereignty. Damn, it’s necessary. And, damn, it’s elusive. And, holy hot damn, everything becomes a lot more beautiful, bearable, and bold when you believe all this is possible and you commit to “be sovereign everywhere.”

When you stand sovereign in your own spirit, in your own creativity, and in your own day-to-day routine you’ll finally be able to dance with what has been true from the very beginning: the universe is conspiring on your behalf.

You’re invited to step fully into relationship with all that you are and all that you’re here to express.

And then, you can really start crafting the business, the creative practice, the book, or whatever else is part of your fully-expressed life.

This work is for writers, for transformation professionals, for women on the verge of something new.

You don’t have to be a wordsmith or a born storyteller to appreciate and access my approach to coaching and healing, but you do need to be open to the power of story. 

All I ask is that you have a desire to shape a new narrative for yourself.

All I ask is that you’re willing to do the inner work that’s required before you begin your quest to make this world more beautiful, bearable, and bold.

Photo by  Olivia Treubig

I'm Marisa Goudy - a coach for writers and transformation professionals who are ready to live and tell a more powerful story.

I’m a story healer, writing coach, word witch, priestess of sovereignty. I'm your guide through the gateway of story. I'm the healer who can help you find peace with your history and get deep into the belly of the mystery. 

Call on me to heal your creative wounds and blocks, hold space for your creative unfolding, and guide your creative process. I support writers, therapists, healers, coaches, teachers, and other transformation professionals like you who are ready to tell your Sovereign Story.

I hold a light so you can find the words that express your brilliance. Consider me a soul friend who'll walk beside you as you write your way home.


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