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With my longtime Sacred Center Mystery School teacher and mentor, Eleanora Amendolara, I co-authored the book Chumpi Illumination: Gateways to Healing and Transformation.


Selected Publications

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In Feminism & Religion


The Summer Song We Hum All Year Long is a celebration of the magic that takes place at the Hudson Valley’s Wild Earth summer camp.

This post on Saundra Goldman’s Creative Mix explores what a #365 can do for your creative process.

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Next Blog Post Readable, Shareable, and Worth Everyone’s Time for Kelly and Miranda’s Zynnyme community of successful, passionate private practice therapists.

A contribution to Laundry Line Divine’s “From the Mouths of Babes” series, A Time for All Things in the Life of a Dog.

A feature in the local print magazine, Organic Hudson Valley: Our Communities, Ourselves: Women, Success and Connection in the Hudson Valley.

Articles in elephant journal: ”Nora Ephron’s Neck and Whether that Matters in the Afterlife” and “We Can’t Change the World Until We Forgive Ourselves for Not Changing It Already.

A departure from all that introspection: 4 Ways to Go From “Just Mom” to “Sexy Mama”

A bit of mommy blogging over at Nessa Knows Best: How to keep up when they’ve got the kind of beauty that moves

An essay in New Voices in Irish Criticism 4, published by Four Courts Press.

Selected Interviews & Appearances


The Healing Power of Writing: a conversation with Elizabeth Cush on the Woman Worriers podcast about how writing can become part of your life and part of your therapeutic journey.

Returning to the Elements of Writing After Long Silence is my conversation with Linda Bonney on her Poetry Ponderings podcast.

Storytelling: A Three-Way Relationship: this podversation with the fabulous Tamara Powell on her Sacred Psychology podcast dives deep into the power and potential of the Sovereignty Goddess.


A guest appearance in Michelle Levy's creativity salon, Windcatchers

An appearance on Melvin Varghese’s Selling the Couch podcast, Using Stories to Connect with Clients.