My wish for you, for me, for all people is this…

Become so sure and grounded in your individual story that you cannot help but want to share your insights and your newly found power with the collective.

Become so strong in who you are that you can reach out to hold and help with one arm and hold back the tide of distraction, disaffection, and cruelty with the other. 

We are called to consciously and constantly begin again, to believe in each new beginning but to trust that it’s all part of the unending swoop and flow of personal and universal creation. Our Sovereign Story is ours to craft and tell.

The world needs each of us to step up and share our Sovereign Song.

Let’s begin…


The Sovereignty Knot:
A Collection of Thirteen Beginnings

will be released October, 2019

This book is part memoir, part guide for Sovereignty Seekers who are ready to look at the knots of contemporary life - both the tough snarls that need to be detangled and the intricate weaving that we’re called to make stronger.

This book invites you to reckon with the toughest issues of the day - from choice to privilege to environmental degradation. It’s also an invitation to meet the Celtic Sovereignty Goddess and get to know the forces of sovereignty within yourself.