From Chapter One of The Sovereignty Knot


My wish for you, for me, for all people is this…

Become so sure and grounded in your individual story that you cannot help but want to share your insights and your newly found power with the collective.

Become so strong in who you are that you can reach out to hold and help with one arm and hold back the tide of distraction, disaffection, and cruelty with the other. 

Become sovereign in your own life, in your own spirit, in your own creativity so you can stand up and support everyone else’s right to be sovereign in theirs.

There won’t be many straight lines in this book, so let’s begin with one of the curviest spots in the world: an Irish country road…


The Sovereignty Knot:
Free the Princess, Crown the Queen,
Embrace the Wise Woman:
How the Modern Woman Can
Reclaim Her Magic and Her Power

will be released early in 2020

Sovereignty appeared out of the mists of western Ireland for me, but she dwells in every corner of the globe and exists everywhere on the corners of your own life’s map.

You’re invited to find your own tangle fears and hopes, roles and responsibilities in these pages.

You’re invited to see the snares that culture, society, family, and your own expectations have set for you. You’re invited to decide what sovereignty looks like for you.

In this guide for modern sovereignty seekers, you’re invited to find yourself in ancient myths and personal stories. At first, it may seem that you and I may have little in common - besides a desire for more freedom, more peace, more agency, and more magic in our lives. But as we go along I think you’ll see that such shared passions can take us quite far.

The book is nearly finished, but I can’t do it without you…

I’m in the midst rewriting stage. It’s almost time to enter the phase that often feels even harder: publication and marketing.

Would you join me for the next portion of the journey?

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