A Collective Commitment to Sovereignty:
Mine, Yours, Ours

Imagine a world where every woman can stand sovereign in her own life so she can love herself, her household, the earth, and its people.

Imagine a world where every woman can write her own sovereign story so she can make peace with her past, get comfortable in her own presence,  and draft a powerful new future.

Imagine a world where every woman can sing her sovereign song so she can make this world more beautiful, bearable, and bold.

I am committed to empowering the woman who is ready to claim her divine-human self, her feet rooted into a wild embrace with the earth and her hair all spangled with stars.

I am committed to empowering the women in my local and my global community through story healing and writing practice so they can embrace their right to personal and creative sovereignty at every level.

I am committed to my own ongoing development and kneeling to drink from the sources of my own empowerment so I can build the strength, the vision, and the humility to do this work.

Writing, conversation, and energy healing are our vehicles.

Sovereignty is our destination.


Have we met yet? I’m Marisa Goudy.

These days I know myself to be a Story Healer, Writing Coach, Word Witch & Priestess of Sovereignty.

This ability to name myself and to truly choose myself? It’s pretty new.

For years, I waited my turn. I checked all the appropriate boxes. I kept myself in check.

I sacrificed my energy, my intuition, and my time trying to fit in, be practical, and play nice. I put my creativity, my dreams, and my stories last so I could get along and get ahead.

Inside, I was all full of longing and rebellion, but I looked at the world through lens of "not me" and “not yet” and "that's great for some people, but I couldn't possibly..."

Somewhere between the limitless potential of youth and the relentless responsibility of adulting, I'd lost my magic and my belief in my own power.


The decade of my thirties was spent building what was supposed to be a cozy, welcoming hearthfire. There were births and deaths, community building and unbearable isolation. There was divine guidance and a sense of spinning endlessly out of control.

I made bold choices: I quit the job that didn’t fulfill me. I birthed two babies at home.

I made choices out of fear: I entered several professional partnerships because I didn’t trust myself to succeed on my own. I stayed too long, even why my intuition screamed “go!”

I made choices that didn’t feel like choices at all: I got swept by co-dependence. I just kept hoping that things would someday, somehow get better.

And yet…

Throughout it all, I was fueled by a perpetual desire to get real, get connected, and get anchored in the ground beneath my feet and the heavens above us all. But, again and again, intentions would dissolve, plans would falter, and relationships (particularly with other women) would fade into misunderstandings and distrust.

It would take a sort of slow motion implosion to help me really see things clearly:

I had lost myself in trying to fulfill people’s visions. I couldn’t walk with my habitual long stride after years of contorting myself to meet others’ expectations.

It was rocky transition, but all was not lost.

I still had my marriage, my daughters, and our home. I still had my passion and skills when it came to writing, healing, and creating connections. I still had access to that flickering flame of personal potential that had fueled me through those years of muting my own voice to amplify the voices of others.

When I looked at all I still had, all the power I still held in spite of all that playing small, I realized something essential:

I’d actually been sovereign all along

Even as I told myself a story about how I had been giving away all my magic and all my light, I always had it within me. I always had my personal and creative sovereignty - even if I didn’t know always know how to use it, even if I didn’t trust myself to use it.


I wasn’t meant to be some assistant lantern carrier destined to wander
in someone else’s unfamiliar territory.

I was always a blessed bonfire that was
built to call people home.

Yes, I realized I’m here to be a leader, to be a voice, the guide at the gathering place… But not because I merely decided it was my turn to call the shots and be in charge. The enduring truth behind this elusive quality of sovereignty finally came into focus.

My mission is to burn so strong and so bright that I call seekers to sit with me a little while before they return to their own sacred ground.

I offer a seat round the fire I’ve lit between the worlds, at the edge of the known sphere and the unbridled wild, in the liminal space between the practical and the magical.

I’m here to help you get curious about what’s possible in this vast, generative universe and expand your belief in you own vast potential. I’m here to be honest about the shadows that linger just beyond this circle of warmth.

It’s my privilege to help you build the strength, courage, and confidence to explore the dark as well as the light.

Let’s Do This Thing Together

Whether we work together in the digital Sovereign Writers Circle community or through one-on-one Story Healing Sessions, there are some beautiful constants in this sovereignty work…

You bring the desire (even though you struggle with creative blocks).
You bring the courage (even though you’ve spent a lot of time being afraid).
You bring the potential (even though you’ve doubted yourself in the past).

Together, we discover the source of you creativity and your vision and help you reveal your Sovereign Self.

We’ll do this through guided writing practice.
We’ll do this through conversations in which you’ll feel truly seen, heard, and understood.
We’ll do this through forms of energy healing that take us outside the bounds of everyday language.

Together, we delve into your stories so you can heal them, craft them, share them.

You learn to see and embody your own sovereignty so you can root yourself into your own sacred cleft of earth, find yourself under you own patch of holy sky, and light your own blessed blaze.


My Commitment to You as a Story Healer, Writing Coach, and Priestess of Sovereignty

Every day and in every way, I am finding a way to be at home in myself and in my story.  

All rebel and mother. All raucous energy and tender touch. All magical and practical energies that swirl together in the place where potential becomes action, where light becomes matter, where longing becomes truth.

Yes, I am here to write with you, talk with you, move with you as you discover how to burn as brightly as you wish.

And I am here to help you find the other elements of sovereignty that you’ll be called to blend together in your own way. This energy of sovereignty is not all about fiery passion - though it’s essential to the mix.

I am here to help you find the solidity of the earth in your bones and out in nature.

I am here to help you find the flow of water in your in your emotional life.

I am here to help you find the breath of air that moves your creative process and inspires your voice.

I am here to help you tune into the Spirit within you so you’ll never walk alone - even as you declare your independence from all the doubts and goblins that have held you back.

I am here to help you find the magic words, the healing words, the sovereign words that will take you beyond language and then back to your truest self.