Before you can write a story,
you need to heal it


Part of you – a vital part of you – is inaccessible.

You know there’s a well of creativity and a river of visionary energy in everyone.

You know that you have a story to share. It’s part of our human birthright, but you just can’t reach yours.

With this sort of block keeping you from using your own voice you feel out of step, you feel depleted, and you might even feel like a fraud.

Because you’re dedicated to embodying your vision of creative, holistic living, this disconnection from your own source makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, your own narrative, your own life.  

At this point, it feels as much like a spiritual problem as a professional and a creative one...

You just long to integrate these aspects of self and soul and work and start making something that matters.


When you realize you’ve lost track of
your Creative Magic

Between honing your craft and building your entrepreneurial chops, it's been easy to lose sight of your own creative spark.

Your unique voice and your real vision gets lost in the quest to become a trusted professional. Your passions become so much less important than the needs of your clients and your family. Your inspiration and your story become entries on the “someday” list.

Oh, sister, I get it. Throughout my first seven years as a copywriter, writing coach, and online marketing type I became quite adept at putting everyone else’s creative visions and everyday needs before my own.

Ignoring my own desires and the call of my own soul, again and again I’d enter the cycle of hoping, overworking, and crashing hard. I kept wondering why all my effort wouldn’t pay off as I pursued one “this really should work” project after another.

My business wasn't sustaining me, my creative output was totally unsatisfying, and I kept yearning for purpose instead of embodying it.

I got so accustomed to chronic misalignment - dreams, work, art, and soul. 

All the while, the Sovereignty Story was whispering in my ear

I've healed my own story thanks to my work with "Sovereignty."

Celtic woman that I am and Irish Studies scholar that I used to be, the Sovereignty Goddess has long intrigued and influenced me.

Collectively, we look to mythic figures for inspiration, for a set of patterns and correspondences that help us make sense of our lives. They give us insights into human nature and our relationship to to the natural world. They help us figure out just what sort of mythic tale we want to leave behind when our time on this earth is done.


This is what my particular friend the Sovereignty Goddess helps us understand:

Hmmm… Doesn’t it seem like she’s the perfect ally as you work through the deep-seeded, big-picture stuff that keeps you from doing your creative work and bringing your fullest self to the world?

Oh, yes.

Doesn't she seem like someone you'd love to call on as you recover your voice and learn how to reshape your story? 

For sure.

And do keep this in mind: the Sovereignty Goddess is just the doorkeeper.

Ultimately, you're on a mission to heal your story and rekindle the magic so you can share your message with a world that needs it


A note on the "goddessy stuff" (especially if that word isn't always in your vocabulary)

My job is to walk beside you in the quest to find own Creative Source and connect to Higher Self.

If you resonate with the myth of the Sovereignty Goddess and she becomes a part of your life, great! Just understand that this path to creative freedom and self-expression is your own - no mythical beings are required.

(But do understand that the mystical is part of my everyday language. It's not an attempt to escape reality but to remind us that life really does sparkle with mystery... if only we're willing to look at the world with eyes that have permission to see it. Oh, and I do call my most beloved clients "My Stable of Unicorns," just so you know.)

As an Energy Healer, Magic Maker, & Writing Coach, I offer you Story Healing

When you connect with your own Sovereignty, you can find your way to the stories you must tell, the art you must make, and the truths you must live.


My mission as a healer and coach:

  • Offer guidance as you heal and awaken to the depths of your own story, dive into your own untapped resources, and own your right to share your vision with the world.

  • Empower you to uncover what Sovereignty means to you – as individual, as a creative, as an entrepreneur, and as a being who wishes to make this world more beautiful, bearable, and bold.

  • Support your creative process as you transform your Sovereign Story into words or into some other meaningful expression that will create powerful, positive change.

During our session, I felt as if we went into some dark room, one that I had long been trying to figure out how to enter into by myself. It was a room that was lined with all the answers I needed.

You walked up to me with a lantern full of twinkle lights you said, “Ok, come on. We both know this place. I’ve got a way for us to see, so let’s go in. Oh, and by the way, I notice you’ve been carrying your own lantern all along but you’ve been covering it over with doubt. How about I help you pull the shades back so you can use the light of your own creativity to navigate this beautiful inner chamber of yours?”
— Marie Celeste, Therapist, Author & Speaker
Marisa is so much wonderful wrapped into one person! She embodies the creatrix word sorceress, the midwife of our sacred work, the wise woman who’s there for you when you need to cry, the sovereignty goddess who helps you own your own magic, and the healer who helps you connect with the heavens, the earth and the sacred self.

She is a guide for “all the things” and everything in between for the soulpreneur searching for a partner in creative crime to manifest your beautiful dreams into grounded, delicious reality. She helps you magnify your gifts as a lightworker and also provides fantastic “practical magic” with her business savvy, down to earth solutions for crazed moms, quick turn of a phrase, and her wicked sense of humor.
— Erin Nes, LMFT & founder of She Who Changes

Individual sessions and three-session packages are sculpted to meet your needs and can offer a little or a lot of:

  • Magical support: A Reiki Master and a student at the Sacred Center Mystery School for the last ten years, I call upon energy healing, crystals, the Peruvian Chumpi stones, oracle decks, guided meditation, and any other magical tools that want to help you dissolve your creative blocks and find your true voice.

    I rely on my passion for Celtic myth and literature to help you embody Sovereignty so you can free the princess, crown the queen, embrace the wise woman and tell the story that's meant to heal you and those you serve.

  • Practical support: This is a chance to discuss and explore your work in progress (or the work that refuses to progress) with a coach who helps transformation professionals tell their stories and get the writing done. You’ll see your own project from new angles and get actionable advice that will help you make creative progress.

    Packages "for writers" include materials review. Send me your work-in-progress before each session so we can roll up our sleeves and really play with your words (as well as the energy behind them).

All sessions are guided by conscious listening, gentle questions, and muscle testing that helps us tap into what your energy body knows but your mind hasn’t realized.


You get so excited about new projects, but the inspiration fades before you have a chance to manifest. You hear a little voice within that says “I’m meant to make something happen and create something that lasts,” but it’s always drowned out by the “yes, but first, the practical stuff…”

This is your chance to shift that limiting story and live into your sacred urge to create something that awakens the world to what’s really possible.

Sessions & Packages

A Sovereignty Session, 60 minutes: $150

The Triple Spiral, a three session package: $400

A Sovereignty Session “For Writers”: $300
90 minutes + materials review. Send along your work-in-progress before we meet: images, website pages, or up to 3000 words of written material.

The Triple Story Spiral, a three session package: $750
One 90-minute session and two 60-minute follow-up sessions with materials review before each session.

Have questions about Sovereignty work? Let's set a time for a quick get-to-know one another chat so you can choose the best package for you.