Discover How to Make Your Own Magic &
Uncover Your Sovereign Story 

Do you know your own creative magic when you see it?  Do you know how to access it consistently, hold onto to, work with it, and craft it into something that lasts? 

This is what recognizing your magic looks like

There's a phenomenon that happens during just about every initial consult I have with a writing coaching or copywriting client. Somewhere around the 47 minute mark in a 90 minute call, the shivers hit. Every hair stands up on my freckled arms and I whisper “that’s it… that’s your magic.”

Soon, my client is nodding and grinning too. She feels it. She realizes we just found our way to the heart of the story she must tell. Her Sovereign Story.

We’ve tapped into something rich and compelling, a story she longs to share and an idea that will draw people right in. It's probably going to help her build her practice and enrich her livelihood too, but first, it’s simply an idea she is super excited to explore and craft. It’s a new world that she’ll get to create.

This is the brilliant little jewel that will help create a strong foundation for what’s next. This realization will help focus her creativity and connect to her sacred sense of meaning and purpose for a long time to come.

These are the moments that taught me that the work is as much about the magic as it is about the words...


Do you need help accessing your magic or crafting it once it finds you?

If you feel like your current work-in-progress ( your website, blog, book, or your vision of your brand) needs to be lifted up and examined so the sparkles of insight and glimmers of truth begin to fly free, let's dive in.

The goal is to anchor you into who you really are and what you really have to say - this is the Sovereignty work - and then help you find the structure and the freedom to express yourself.

Introducing Creativity Coaching and Healing Sessions

Yes, I believe the secret is in bringing the magic and the words.

My work as a writing coach is informed as much for my dedication to language and communication as it is by my passion for energy healing and all those unseen mysteries that swirl about us all the time.

And that is what my Creativity Coaching & Healing Sessions are all about. This unique combination of the magical and the practical is what helps you access your brilliance and turn visions into reality.

Individual sessions and three-session packages are tailored to your needs and can offer a little or a lot of:

  • Practical support: This is a chance to discuss and explore your work in progress (or the work that refuses to progress) with a coach who helps transformation professionals tell their stories and get the writing done. You’ll see your own project from new angles and get actionable advice that will help you make creative progress.

    Packages "for writers" include materials review. Send me your work-in-progress before each session so we can roll up our sleeves and really play with your words (as well as the energy behind them).
  • Magical support: A Reiki Master and a student at the Sacred Center Mystery School for the last ten years, I call upon energy healing, crystals, the Peruvian Chumpi stones, oracle decks, guided meditation, and any other magical tools that want to help you dissolve your creative blocks and find your true voice.

    I rely on my passion for Celtic myth and literature to help you embody Sovereignty so you can free the princess, crown the queen, embrace the wise woman and tell the story that's meant to heal you and those you serve.

All sessions are guided by conscious listening, gentle questions, and muscle testing that helps us tap in to what your energy body knows but your mind hasn’t realized.

Here's what a magic maker from the most recent #7MagicWords Challenge said about our follow-up coaching process:

Being grounded in my magic words has helped me feel so much more at ease in making decisions about how to approach my work and my relationships -  this aspect of our work together was absolutely priceless.   

Marisa has a knack for asking the right questions that inspire deeper reflection and exploration. Based on our short time working together, I have lots of nuggets that I can expand on for future writing projects big and small. 

Working with Marisa helped sparked my creativity, and she also was really practical in helping me think about how I could create more time for writing and thinking about how to use my writing to help support my business.

- Sarah Leitschuh of The Vibrant Therapist

Sessions & Packages

  • Creativity Coaching & Healing Session, 60 minutes: $150
  • Three session package: $400
  • Creativity Coaching & Healing Session “For Writers”: $300
    90 minutes + materials review. Send along your work-in-progress before we meet: images, website pages, or up to 3000 words of written material.
  • Three session package: $750
    One 90-minute session and two 60-minute follow-up sessions with materials review before each session.

Click here to choose the session that will help you bring more magic into your life and work. 

The magic maker in me sees the magic maker in you,