Free the Princess
Crown the Queen
Embrace the WiseWoman

For years now I have been walking around with these short, mighty sentences inside of me. They’ve haunted me and inspired me and abandoned me for months at a time.

There was poetry in these lines, but I knew they were meant to be more... They were the roadmap I was meant to follow if I really wanted to be an enlightened force for good who could make this world a little more beautiful, bearable, and bold.

I’ve chanted these lines to myself so many times that they’ve become a mantra.

You might even call it my Sovereignty Spell: Free the Princess. Crown the Queen. Embrace the WiseWoman. 

Every day, I watch the magic work its way through my life, helping me grow myself so I could become the healer, creative, lover, and mother I am meant to be. It's about transforming the yearning into knowing and turning the entitlement into empowerment.

And this magic isn't for me alone. True story: the first time a woman told me that she was freeing her own princess and crowning her own queen and uncovering her Sovereign Story, I fell to my knees.

This is something powerful and true. These are ancient truths designed to help us work through our modern lives.

The Sovereignty Knot:
A Collection of Thirteen Beginnings

will be released October, 2019

When we set out on this quest for Sovereignty, we discover how to see, live, and tell our own stories of transformation.

Before I ever realized I needed to free my inner princess or crown my inner queen, I knew about the Sovereignty Goddess. In my studies of Irish literature and myth I had met this powerful, multi-faced Celtic deity who is at once a woman who walks the earth and embodies the very land itself.

Her myths are rich and complex. They involve shape shifting as well as love making and king making and war making. She is at once a force unto herself and a swirl of collective energy.

She inspires the people to band together to fight for freedom. She inspires the individual to root into their own strength and personal identity.

All of us transformation professionals, the healers, the therapists, the coaches, and the creative entrepreneurs, we need everything the Sovereignty Goddess can teach us.

When You Stand Sovereign...

  • You compassionately direct your own reactions, emotions, and expectations.

  • You are a source of wisdom and a force for good.

  • You lead in order to serve, offering up your insight, generosity, and experience to those who most need your medicine.

  • You are sure of your abilities, and that liberates you to empower and share yourself fully with others.

  • You are confident in your worth, and that opens you to invest in yourself and in your community.

Find Your OWN Sovereign Story

How do you get to this place of wise, compassionate self rule?

You begin with your story.

Look at the currents that have washed through your life - the deep knowing, the unresolved pain, the chances you took, the moments of "yes, that was exactly where I was meant to be."

When you know the terrain of your own being, you can claim the patch of ground on which you stand in this lifetime. Add in what you know of your ancestors, the myths that have always meant something to you, and what your spirit whispers in its quietest and most powerful voice...

And then, you can start making some magic.