It's Time to Walk, to Write, to Heal

This has been a time for me to write, to walk, to mother my children, and support dear friends as they mother their own. I'm feeling both immensely rooted in my real life and a bit outside of it all... ⁣

For so many years, I've equated both my potential and my success with how well I do at showing up online, doing the work, and focusing on my business. ⁣

It’s time to shift the focus and the pressure. (And perhaps start to learn to live without putting any pressure on myself at all.)

I need to write the book, hike the woods, love on theses daughters of ours, and strengthen this community I've already built. ⁣

I need to remember that a Hudson Valley trail just miles from my house offers hidden treasures and old stone walls. I don't need to run to Ireland to meet the fairies or speak with the ancestors. I just need to breathe deep and remember to play outside. ⁣

It's time to keep rooting into my reality. It's time to trust the present, trust the land, trust the circle I've already gathered close.

It’s time to embrace this as a time of healing and becoming right here in the world that I have crafted for myself. And it is time to whisper prayers of gratitude into the warming wind so my voice mingles with the returning birds and the awakening earth.

And it’s time to for me to offer my healing work to a broader community too…

I’d love to help you awaken with this new spring energy and root into what’s most important to you. Learn more and book a Story Healing Session.

(Note: I’m going to be making some changes in my business model - and by that, I mean how I’m of service to my clients and their creative magic. I won’t be offering single sessions for much longer, so now is the time to book!)