Barefoot Beside the Snow: A Walking Poem

A poem for all of us emerging from the cocoon of winter, from beneath the eaves of grief, from the hinterlands of self-loathing, from the wicked seas of despair.

What if we walked our prayers into the earth and trusted that Great Mother has been holding us all along? What if we dared to speak them out loud?

What if, just for today, I decided to let go of all the limitations
of all the old stories,
of all the beliefs that you can't
walk outside barefoot when there's snow on the ground?

What if I realized that my feet are tougher
than I have been led to believe?

What if I realize that the Sun
is stronger than snow?

What if I remembered
that squish of a bare foot on wet ground
and heard it as some sort of
prayer from the earth?

What if I remembered,
as cold as that water is,
I can come back to higher ground
and be warmed
by the sun’s rays?

What if all of my past mistakes
all of my failings
everything that I tried
but did not do or could not do
or was too afraid to make manifest…

What if instead of looking back on my
past and saying:
If I were here to build a mountain
every day with my experiences
and my accomplishments
my mountain is too small?

What if I instead realized alI was ever here to do was
create compost?

Everything that I've done and experienced
that I've lost that I've tried and failed at
that I've loved and reveled in
wasn't meant to create some
great mountain beneath my feet

Everything was always just intended
to seed a garden.

What if I look back on a past that is fertile and
rich and beautiful
and got me to exactly
where I am now
a season when the Sun is getting stronger
and so very soon it will be
time to plant the seeds?

What if I…
What if...

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