Find the Power of Sovereignty Within the Dream of Community

Find the Power of Sovereignty Within the Dream of Community

Many of us have lost track of a wider sense of belonging because of our relationship and family structures, because of our demanding jobs, because wine is easier, because there are so many things tugging at our attention that seem more important than connections with soul friends.

It’s time to look at our need for community, our need for sovereignty, and how the two blend together.

The Alchemy of Envy (Or, Why I'm In Love with Glennon)

The Alchemy of Envy, #365StrongStories by Marisa GoudyGlennon Doyle Melton of Momastery began her blog because she needed a place to be honest. That journey into honesty has created an international community of humans who want more love and hope and a whole lot less fear and separation. Oh, and a best selling book and some epic charitable giving.

So, here’s my honest confession: I’ve envied Glennon too much to read all the words and feel all the feelings and experience all the virtual hugs that happen in her digital world.

Based on what I heard in Glennon's must-listen interview on Rob Bell’s podcast, I think she would lovingly escort me into therapy if she heard I envied all that she’s survived in this life. I get that. But envy is one of those stupid emotions that really just needs alchemy - the magical process of turning something base and blah into something shiny and brilliant.

I’m done with envy and it’s petty, perspective stealing black magic. I am done with missing out on all the good stuff because I am terrified I’ve already missed my own “good stuff” train. I’m through with assuming that Glennon’s world is already too full of passionate, big-hearted, creative beings. Who is served by my believe "no one needs little old me to like, comment, and share"?

I’m ready to SHOW UP.

That doesn’t just mean I’ll hang out on her Facebook page more often and pre-order the new book (though on both counts: check). It means that I will choose respect and admiration over envy and isolation. It means I will read and reach out to all the bloggers, authors, and thought leaders I adore and become an active participant in their worlds. 

Choosing participation over envy means I will free myself from the depressing chains of competition. It means I'll get over myself and my "I shoulda created something this vibrant and important already myself" crap.  

When I tell the universe - and all the wonderful, caring people in it - that I am open to play and explore and be a part of all the eye opening wisdom and heart cracking connection I can find, love wins. We all win.

Longing for Collective Abundance, #365StrongStories 38

Yearning for Collective Abunandance. #365StrongStories by marisa goudyOn the drive to Sunday School I count the cars in the local restaurant parking lot. It’s a nice place with creative food, but there are rarely more than one or two cars. The hand scrawled “Brunch” sign looks more forlorn each week. Or maybe it’s just me. They stay open after all.

It’s just that I feel the emptiness of that restaurant echo through my body. Somehow I take it personally even though I haven’t been there in over two years.

Is it empathy? A sense of community spirit? The fraternity of entrepreneurship?

Or is it just plain old fear?

The talking heads are saying that the presidential race is so downright weird because citizens are afraid and angry about the country’s economic situation. It seems like people are giving Trump a chance because they want to be associated with wealth and winning. But it’s crazy to think that his success will rub off on the population at large, right?

Is it any crazier than feeling like the brunch crowd at restaurant I barely go to has any impact on my own life and business?

I can’t say anything on behalf of anyone who would rally around a message of exclusion and hate just for the sake of a billionaire who exudes money. But I do understand the human longing for shared prosperity, collective good, and comforting signs of that we live in an abundant world.