What stories do you believe about yourself and your world?

Do you believe in your inherent power?
Do you trust your worth and your voice?
Do you believe that you live in a universe that’s always conspiring on your behalf?

Or, do you find yourself caught in the “not me” narrative?

The “not me” story is a painful one to carry around. And it’s made all the more difficult because you may not even see it.

It’s often well hidden beneath chronic busyness, people pleasing, and putting the practical priorities before the “less important” stuff like your own spirit, creativity, and self-expression.

A “not me” belief becomes a chronic pattern of “playing small”

You see other people doing the work they love, making their art, and showing up to share their ideas. You respect them and you feel so inspired by these leaders, innovators, and writers.

You want to be one of those women who are lucky enough, brave enough, or crazy enough to go after their big dreams.

They make you want to pick up a pen and jump on the stage, but…

You keep coming back to all the reasons you couldn’t possibly find the time, take the leap, or focus your talent. You keep finding yourself in “not me, not now” thinking.

And then you go back to hoping and longing and perpetually waiting for your turn.


We get stuck in the shadow of self-limiting beliefs

I know this “not me” stuff really well, because I lived this story - and misunderstood this story - for years.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have the desire or was unwilling to do the work. I was reading the books, filling the journals, listening to the podcasts, and thinking the thoughts. I was even taking a lot of the right actions, but I just couldn’t seem to plant seeds that would grow and nurture me.

The business and marketing ideas didn’t quite take off. The stories and blog posts I managed to write didn’t get read the way I hoped. The big message I knew I was here to express just came out as a whisper.

I thought my “not me” story was about not being good enough, courageous enough, wealthy enough, or clever enough. I told myself I was born at the wrong time and was just too ordinary to rise above and make a difference.

This was at odds with the original voice within me that had always told me I was here to change the world, to make it a place more beautiful, bearable, and bold.

But I was so accustomed to playing small and staying forever in a supporting role… I came to accept it.

And then, I realized that I didn’t need a blessing from the creative gods, a trust fund, or a escape hatch out of marriage and motherhood to achieve something amazing.

I could be the entrepreneur, the writer, and the woman I knew I was meant to be - and do it within the context of the life I’d created for myself - when I found the vital ingredient: creative sovereignty.

Sovereignty Heals the “Not Me” Story and Transforms… Everything

Marisa Goudy headshot 2.jpg

Hi, I’m Marisa Goudy.

At long last, I know myself to be a story healer, writing coach, word witch, and magic maker. And, most importantly, I know myself to be a priestess of sovereignty.

Somewhere between the limitless potential of youth and the responsibility of adulting, I'd lost my magic and my belief in my own power.

Though I’d had a career in academia and launched my own business and become a mom to two, I didn't feel grounded, successful, or ready for growth. Instead I felt like a little girl who stole a seat at the grown-ups' table.

When I got there, it wasn't nearly as exhilarating as it looked during the decade I’d spent lingering in the doorway. I didn't feel like I could say anything meaningful or make enduring in the midst of all the noise.

In fact, it often felt like no one even noticed I was there in the world of writers, creatives, and entrepreneurs... And yet, they still expected me to pay my portion of the bill!

Image by Kyle Head, via Unsplash

Image by Kyle Head, via Unsplash


Now, I have learned to set my own table.

My work is dedicated to helping women free their inner princess and crown themselves queen. I know I am here to help you uncover your sovereignty and see what it means to be the wise, benevolent, bodacious ruler of your own life.

After years of supporting others’ writing projects, I am (finally!) working my own first book. The Book of Sovereignty: Free the Princess, Crown the Queen, Embrace the WiseWoman is due out in October, 2019.

So how did I get here? What had to happen so I could claim my own unique, independent essence and invite others to uncover their own?

To really find my creative sovereignty,
it took individual dedication and
compassionate community.

Introducing The Sovereignty Circle:
A Place for You to Uncover Your Creative Sovereignty &
Tell Your Sovereign Story

The Sovereignty Circle is…

An online gathering space that exists in order to give you the time, space, and permission to prioritize your individual quest for creative sovereignty (perhaps after a period of struggle, perhaps for the first time ever).

A compassionate community dedicated to growth where showing up just as you are is what really matters.

A place to be honest with yourself about all the ways you resist your own impact, brilliance, and potential.

A haven where you can explore what’s hardest to talk about: your spiritual awakenings, your confusion about the state of the world, your struggles to tell your story and open to the stories of others.

A resource for the practical writing stuff: the majority of our members have their own healing, therapy, or coaching practices. We talk about website copy and Instagram strategy as well as soul care in this group!

The Sovereignty Circle:
Where you get the support of sister
healers, writers, and seekers of sovereignty
who will help you
dissolve your resistance and
embrace your true potential.

Image by David Iskander, via Unsplash

Image by David Iskander, via Unsplash

In the Sovereignty Circle,
we heal, transform, and grow
through writing practice.

Why writing?

Because experience has taught me that writing is the most effective tool in the creative sovereignty toolbox.

As I said above, I'm a writing coach and a story healer, and a magic maker. I call myself a Word Witch and I know myself to be a Priestess of Sovereignty. I’m also a lifelong student of Irish myth and Celtic spirituality and have been learning energy medicine and Chumpi Illumination at the Sacred Center Mystery School for over ten years.

What I didn’t mention above: not so long ago, I was copywriter, digital marketing consultant, and website development firm owner.  All of this has shown me the enduring power of written word - for writer, for reader, and for the business you grow with your well-crafted message.

Word matter. Words make up minds. Words make things happen.

Words can change the world. We’ll talk about how to use your words more effectively to market your world changing work.

But first, you need to let your words change you.

We discover our creative sovereignty (and our personal and professional sovereignty) when we give ourselves the time, space, and permission to make our own words and writing a priority.

That doesn’t happen by magic.

It happens when you develop a writing practice that enables you to explore and expose your ideas yourself before you shape and share them with others.


What’s included in your Sovereignty Circle membership?

You’re invited to join us for six group calls per month:

  • Four weekly writing practice sessions held at noon ET on Wednesdays.
    Every hour-long session includes two brand new writing prompts crafted just for the Sovereignty Circle.  Opening with a brief meditation and closing with a conversation about what came up for you, there's time to share the ideas that came through and set intentions for future work. You can count on at least 45 minutes to write into the day’s prompts or spend time on your own project.

  • One group writing coaching & story healing call. 
    Bring your questions and your works-in-progress to this 90 minute group session. You'll get my intuitive counsel and practical expertise during this meeting, and you can expect something of immeasurable valuable: the compassion and wisdom of your fellow writer-healer-seekers who are also on their own quest to discover and tell their sovereign stories.

  • One session with a featured guest expert who joins us to talk about creativity, marketing, publishing, healing, and self-care, and take your questions.

And, all month long you will enjoy:

A private members’ forum where you can connect with your fellow Sovereign Writers, find inspiration, talk about what's working and what's not, and find readers for your work.

Access to the entire library of past calls and prompts: You can press “play” anytime and write along with us. There’s always something special about writing in community - even when you’re connecting across time and space.

Discounted one-on-one Story Healing & Writing Coaching sessions: 60-minute sessions with me are $150, but you can book hourlong appointments with me for $109 (that's a savings of over 25%).

Image by Becca Tapert, via Unsplash

8 Reasons this Group Is Right for You

  • You know that creative sovereignty is a big part of what’s been missing for you.
    (You’ve achieved and healed a lot already, but you have trouble manifesting your vision and accessing your power.)

  • You have a story - or countless stories - that you long to tell.
    (But you have a lot of reasons for why you haven’t put them on the page.)

  • You get that “writing heals.”
    (And you know that this is true in both a deeply personal and vast collective sort of way, but you don’t always give yourself that “luxury.” )

  • You know you feel better when you write.
    (But self-care can often be one of those things that you push to the edges of your day, week, or, ok… almost never.)

  • You often find it difficult to describe the stuff that matters most.
    (This might be your current spiritual journey or painful aspect of your past. This group is a place where you can practice saying and writing hard things for the first time.)

  • You’re interested in the practical and the magical when it comes to standing sovereign and being seen.
    (We do the heart work, and we also do the head work… Bring your blog posts in progress to writing practice and your questions about website copy to our writing coaching calls!)

  • You embrace a progressive view on society, culture, and spirituality.
    (Our members celebrate holistic and alternative healing. Sometimes our prompts come from oracle decks. “Feminism” is our other favorite “f word.”)

  • You’d thrive in a circle of meaning makers who believe in magic and are also on a mission to make the real world more beautiful, bearable, and bold.
    (There’s no “but” about this one… you really just want this kind of community.)

We’re probably not a match if…

  • You don’t enjoy writing and can’t see it as a kind of self care you want to make more space to do.

  • You’re looking to churn out blog posts that fit some kind of marketing formula.

  • You want fellow writers to critique your writing. This group is about discussing and sharing ideas and inspiration. If you want intensive support around the craft of writing, let’s talk about about individual writing coaching.

  • You pride yourself on being super rational you generally reject “the woo.”

Image by Aaron Burden, via Unsplash

Image by Aaron Burden, via Unsplash


*Yes, that says “apply” but this isn’t about critiquing your writing! I’m interested in ensuring that this group will offer you what you need and that your energy matches “the unicorns” in the Sovereignty Circle.


After a year of writing and growing together for a year, this is what we have learned as a community of sovereignty seekers who show up to write and talk together each week:

  • As soon as you give yourself the space and the permission to show up fully to your vision, to your story, and to the page, something magical starts to happen.

  • When you join with others on a similar path, you find momentum.

  • Consciously and lovingly crafted writing prompts expand the portals to your own creativity and truth in ways that that you never thought possible.

  • Once you find a guide who understand this balance intimately and who is fiercely dedicated to the healing power of words and the ways that stories shape and change our world...

This magical combination sets the stage for
powerful, sustainable integration of
your creative life, your professional life, and your “real” life.

It sets the stage for Sovereignty.


Some of Our Guest Experts, Past & Future

(You get access to all the sessions when you join the group!)

Loraine Van Tuyl.jpg

Loraine Van Tuyl PhD, is a licensed holistic psychologist, shamanic practitioner, and author of the memoir Amazon Wisdom Keeper: A Psychologist's Memoir of Spiritual Awakening. She calls herself "your go-to expert for soul archeology and alchemy."

Loraine will talk with us about what it means to be a therapist who is telling her life story, her publishing journey, and the magic she lives every day. 

Sheena's Pic.jpg

Sheena Blake is the CEO of Discovering Diversity Publishing. She is also a writer and speaker and passionate about words.

We'll dive into what it means to build your own platform for your story and Sheena's mission to publish people of all ages from all walks of life in every genre.


Michal Spiegelman is an Intuitive Transformation Mentor, a Certified Professional Coach, and the founder of Beacons of Change.

Michal will share her practices for stepping into your power and sharing your gifts with the world in a bigger way. She'll also tell us what helps her be successful with blogging consistently once a week.

Robyn Ivy, is a photographer, visual brand strategist, creative director, speaker, and coach.

She’ll talk with us about what it means to see and be seen as individuals and as creatives. We’ll also explore how photography and the act of looking at the world through a new lens can transform your writing.


Elizabeth Cunningham is the author of the award winning Maeve Chronicles as well as several other novels.

An ordained minister with her own counseling practice, Elizabeth will bring her creative and spiritual insights to our ongoing conversation about creative sovereignty.

headshot Leisa.jpeg

Leisa Peterson is a money and abundance coach, educator  and creator of the Art of Abundance podcast.

Leisa will be sharing ways to create infinitely more abundance in your life and writing.  She'll also explore strategies for transforming money into a helpful friend rather than a wicked master.


Suzanne Michele Reeves is an award winning designer, illustrator and the founder of Art+Soul Design Studio. Her practice is informed by nearly two decades in the design industry and degrees in both psychology and fine art. 

Suzanne will address our burning questions about visual identity and websites, as well as discuss how to ensure your brand and website resonate emotionally with your ideal target audience.

Things you might be wondering about…
(And if I don’t answer your question below,
just send me a note.)

When are the calls?

We have six sessions on the Zoom video conferencing platform each month. When you join the Sovereignty Circle, you’re asked to set aside time at noon ET every Wednesday.

Writing Practice Sessions are held every Wednesdays at noon ET.

You’re also invited to join us one or two Mondays at noon ET per month.

When we have five Wednesdays in a month, the fifth Wednesday is dedicated to our writing coaching and story healing sessions. We move that call to a Monday, when necessary. Our monthly guest expert sessions are also held on Mondays.

“Special Dates” for the First Quarter of 2019 (in addition to our weekly Wednesdays)

Monday, January 14, noon - 1:00 ET: Guest Elizabeth Cunningham, author of The Maeve Chronicles

Monday, February 11, noon - 1:30 ET: Writing Coaching & Story Healing

Monday, February 25, noon - 1:00 ET: Guest Suzanne Reeves, Creative Director & Founder at Art+Soul Design

Monday, March 11, noon - 1:00 ET: Guest, Leisa Peterson, Abundance Mentor & Founder of Wealth Clinic

Monday, March 25, noon - 1:30 ET: Writing Coaching & Story Healing

What if I miss the calls?

All sessions are recorded and made available the same day. Ideally, you'd make at least half of the six monthly sessions, but you can also get a lot out of the group by tuning into the recordings and checking in on the private Facebook group.

Do I have to be a “real writer” to join the SC?

First, I despise that phrase. I think "real writer" is used as a weapon by people who have supposedly “made it” and hold up their publication credentials as a badge of honor to cover over some shadowy stuff underneath.

Do you wish that writing was part of your life on a daily or weekly basis? Are you willing to shift your schedule, watch less TV, and commit to your writing dates with the group and with yourself? Congratulations, you’re a writer and you belong here with us.

This is what you know: You may not feel completely comfortable calling yourself a writer (yet), but picking up a pen tends to help you feel better and you feel called to use words to make your mark in the world.

What sort of projects are Sovereign Writers working on?

At the core, it’s all “personal writing.” Many are professionals who are working on writing content to build their coaching, healing, therapy, or other creative small business. Others are focused on longer term book projects (or would like to be).

Several of our writers aren't working on anything specific are with us for the joy and the journey offered by each prompt... They don't know where their words going to take them (yet), but they trust that it's going to be good and they know it’s necessary.

What sort of commitment am I making?

You have the option to chose a quarterly or half-year membership. This group is ongoing and is intended to become a fundamental, longterm resource that furthers your creative and professional development.  You're not encouraged to drop in and out. Re-entry into the group after cancelling your membership is at Marisa's discretion.

More questions? Email me or set up a free 15-minute consultation to see if the Sovereignty Circle is right for you.


 The Sovereignty Circle is open to new members.

We welcome new writers on February 1. 

You're invited to apply to join the SC today. Click the link below to complete a short questionnaire. Upon acceptance, you'll receive a link to pay for your membership.

And please remember: “apply” isn’t about submitting perfect prose or showing me you’re a “real” writer. I request applications to be sure that your energy and goals are a good fit for the group.

Membership options:

3 month membership: $299
Set up your membership with automatic renewal four times each year. You can cancel your subscription at any time. (Guarantee: If you find the SC isn't for you, your membership is refundable during the first seven days.)

6 month membership: $499
Set up your membership with automatic renewal twice each year. You can cancel your subscription at any time. (Guarantee: If you find the SC isn't for you, your membership is refundable during the first seven days.)

Your membership period begins on the first of the month and will renew automatically unless you choose to cancel your membership.

This group is an ongoing commitment for committed writers and you're not encouraged to drop in and out. Re-entry into the group after cancelling your membership is at the administrator's discretion.

As an active member you get a discount on my one-on-one writing coaching & story healing sessions! You pay $109/ hour (a savings of over 25%!)

Apply now and, if we're a match, you'll be invited to join us February 1.

Want to set up a 15 minute chat to see if the SC is right for you? Book an appointment or email me.