There’s a story inside you.
In fact, there’s an entire universe of stories inside you.

All you’ve seen and endured.
All that’s locked in your ancestral memory.
All the threads of myth and dreams and past life wisdom that tease at the edges of your mind.

You long to know these stories, to craft them,
to write them, to speak them aloud,
and finally find freedom in them.

You know that you’ll be transformed when you get these stories out of your brain and put voice to them. It would be so liberating, so exhilarating.

It might be enough just to do it for yourself. Knowing your story clearly enough to put it into words may be exactly what you need to do in order to feel whole.

Or, you might feel called to share your stories with the world in order to shift perspectives, offer healing, and, perhaps, invite people to learn and work with you too.

And yet… something is keeping you from just sitting down and writing down what’s true.


Maybe you’ve heard this one:
“You need to live your story before you can tell it.”

This bit of no-so-common knowledge is so, so true.

It helps explain your creative resistance, your writer’s block, your stage fright, the way your overflowing mind empties and the inspiration dries up the moment you finally sit down to record your ideas.

But, sometimes, a source of compassion becomes fuel for your resistance.

“Don’t stress about all the doing, dear one. You don’t have to worry about with clarifying your message and manifesting all that creative work right this minute. It’s enough simply to be for now!”

Again, this is so, so true, but, eventually, you realize that universal wisdom becomes a personal excuse.

Months and even years go by, and you realize you still have a story stuck in your throat, ideas imprisoned in your mind, and unspoken passions left languishing in your heart.

One day you wake up, all full of longing to express yourself, but you find you have no idea how to begin. You’ve been trapped in “not yet” and “not me” thinking for so long…

It’s time to reckon with the truth: you're so mired with being in the story that you come to realize you don’t really know how to be with the story. (And you certainly don’t feel ready to tell it.)

Ultimately, you need to gather the courage to dive in and simply begin the writing, but first…

Between the living and the telling,
there’s a absolutely vital step:

the story healing


I’m a Magic Maker, Word Witch, Writing Coach, and Priestess of Sovereignty.

I offer you Story Healing.


Story Healing: the individual coaching and consulting sessions where the magical meets the practical and the yearning becomes a reality.

This one-on-one support gives you exactly what you need to birth the stories within.

I’m Marisa Goudy, and my work as a Story Healer is an expression of all that I’ve learned as a writer, a writing coach, a seeker of sovereignty, a student of story and mythology, energy medicine practitioner, and a member of the Sacred Center Mystery School.

My past work in academia and as a copywriter, website development firm owner, and digital marketer are part of the mix too.  (We need to source that practical magic from somewhere!)  

Thanks to the work I’ve done and continue to do to unearth my own stories (my book of creative non-fiction, The Sovereignty Knot, is due out October 2019!), I can be your guide and your companion as you move from living to healing to telling your story.

It’s my mission to help you find your own balance between the being and doing, between sitting with the hard stuff and bravely moving forward.

During our session, I felt as if we went into some dark room, one that I had long been trying to figure out how to enter into by myself. It was a room that was lined with all the answers I needed.

You walked up to me with a lantern full of twinkle lights you said, “Ok, come on. We both know this place, but I’ve got a way for us to to see, so let’s go in. Oh, and by the way, I notice you’ve been carrying your own lantern all along but you’ve been covering it over with doubt. How about I help you pull the shades back so you can use the light of your own creativity to navigate this beautiful inner chamber of yours?”
— Marie Celeste, Therapist, Author & Speaker
Marisa is so much wonderful wrapped into one person! She embodies the creatrix word sorceress, the midwife of our sacred work, the wise woman who’s there for you when you need to cry, the sovereignty goddess who helps you own your own magic, and the healer who helps you connect with the heavens, the earth, and the sacred self.

She is a guide for “all the things” and everything in between for the soulpreneur searching for a partner in creative crime to manifest your beautiful dreams into grounded, delicious reality. She helps you magnify your gifts as a lightworker and also provides fantastic “practical magic” with her business savvy, down to earth solutions for crazed moms, quick turn of a phrase, and her wicked sense of humor.
— Erin Nes, LMFT & Soul Coach

Individual Story Healing sessions and three-session Triple Spiral Story Healing packages are crafted to meet your needs and can offer a little or a lot of:

  • Magical support: An intuitive, a Reiki Master, and a energy medicine practitioner, I call upon oracle and tarot decks, the Peruvian Chumpi stones, crystals, guided meditation, and any other magical tools that want to help you dissolve your creative blocks and find your true voice.

    I rely on my passion for Celtic myth and literature to help you meet your sovereign self so you can tell the story that's meant to heal you and those you serve.

  • Practical support: This is a chance to discuss and explore your work in progress (or the work that refuses to progress) with a coach who helps transformation professionals tell their stories and get the writing done. You’ll see your own project from new angles and get actionable advice that will help you make creative progress.

Packages "for writers" include materials review. Send me your work-in-progress before each session so we can roll up our sleeves and really play with your words (as well as the energy behind them).

All sessions are guided by conscious listening, gentle questions, and muscle testing that helps us tap into what your energy body knows but your mind hasn’t realized.

We’ll meet on a Zoom video call and you’ll receive an audio recording of our session.

My session with you was amazing - one of the best consultations I have ever had.

Thank you for your open- hearted responses, intuitive wisdom, and support for my journey.
— - Beverly Rivard, LCSW, Personal Coach & Student of Happiness.
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Sessions & Packages

A Story Healing Session, 60 minutes: $179

The Triple Spiral, a three session package: $479

Story Healing “For Writers”: $359
90 minutes + materials review. Send along your work-in-progress before we meet: images, website pages, or up to 3000 words of written material.

The Triple Story Spiral, a three session package: $859
One 90-minute session and two 60-minute follow-up sessions with materials review before each session.

Sovereign Writers Circle members get a special rate on Story Healing Sessions: $129

Have questions about how Story Healing might serve you? 

Let's set a time for a quick get-to-know one another chat so you can choose the best package for you.