Your Sovereign Awakening:


Free the Princess
Crown the Queen
Embrace the Wise Woman

These are the key aspects of personal and creative sovereignty. They sound amazing, don’t they?

And yet… sovereignty?

You know yourself to be strong, accomplished, and independent on so many levels… but sovereign?

Much of the time, your story, your desires, and your time belong to other people and commitments.

The daily responsibilities as a partner, a mama, a healer, a business owner, a team member constantly take precedence over your relationship with your spirit and your dreams.

You want so badly to “be who you really are” and stand in your power as mistress of your own destiny, but the distractions, the “shoulds,” and the demands of others always seem to get in the way.

What if sovereignty could
become your reality?

(And what if you didn’t have to abandon your family, quit working, and live in a hermit’s cave to do so?)

It’s time to awaken
your own magic,
your own self-worth,
your own power.

It’s time to make this your lived truth
and not just some distant dream.

Join me for Your Sovereign Awakening:
an adventure into your own most powerful feminine archetypes

In this workshop series you’ll meet the three essential aspects of yourself: the Princess, the Queen, and the Wise Woman.

You’ll learn how to hold the light and navigate the shadows of each of these archetypes.

You’ll discover that standing up and taking agency in your own life isn’t about leaving any aspect of yourself behind.

You’ll have permission to lay down your worries and your responsibilities and just bathe in possibility with women who are dedicated to living more fulfilling, joy-drenched, meaning-driven lives.

You learn how to commit countless wild, sacred acts of magic and integration.

In this series of five online workshops…

  • We heal

  • We talk

  • We write

  • We learn

  • We release

  • We channel

  • We integrate

  • We consult the tarot cards

  • We become who we have always been

Each of the five sessions includes teachings on sovereignty and her archetypes.

Expect guided journeys and chances to connect with your guides - both those in the spirit world and the intuitive knowing within you.

There will be time for discussion as well as collective and individual oracle readings.

You’ll also be invited to write into soul-stirring prompts that will help you integrate all these new ideas and new energies.

At the end of the program you’ll have a new understanding of:

  • your own story - your own Sovereign Story - and how to use storytelling to make peace with the past, stand fully embodied in the present, and dream into a phenomenal future

  • how to move through this uncertain world with a sense of self-possession, hope, and confidence

  • the unique nature of Women’s Time and how a new understanding of time can shift your perspective on aging, opportunity, and mortality

  • the gifts of your inner shadows and why we need the darkness as medicine for overexposure to the light

  • how to speak, create, and love with your whole self not just during the program, but throughout your one precious life

This is practical magic. This is “shift the way you love, create, and dream magic.” This is make these energies a real part of everyday life magic. (1).png

What you’ll get when you enroll in Your Sovereign Awakening:

  • Invitations to five live 2-hour workshops

  • A 60-minute one-on-one bonus session with your Priestess of Sovereignty, Marisa Goudy

  • Recordings of all calls

  • Insider access to Marisa’s upcoming book, The Sovereignty Knot: Free the Princess, Crown the Queen, Embrace the Wise Woman: How the Modern Woman Can Reclaim Her Magic and Her Power, due out October 2019

Your investment: $450

A two payment installment plan is also available.

Special rate for Sovereign Writers Circle members: $350

All sessions meet online from 7 - 9PM ET on Mondays starting May 13, 2019. (Full schedule below.)

In case we haven't met yet, I'm Marisa Goudy and I’ll serve as your guide and your priestess of sovereignty.


When I first met the Sovereignty Goddess back in college when getting degree in Irish literature, she appealed to all my fiery feminism and all my fairy dreams.

Years later, when I had to navigate the “real” world - marriage, motherhood, grief, entrepreneurship - I realized I needed Sovereignty to be something other than a cool myth about the divine feminine. I needed a guide that would help me hold all the things...  

To be able to show up and share these insights into personal, creative, and spiritual sovereignty is the greatest privilege in my professional life.

In the depths of my soul I know that sovereignty and the ideas of “free the princess, crown the queen, embrace the wise woman” are relevant and necessary to all women at all stages of life. It’s my sincerest wish that I can share them with you.


Marisa knows in her bones the Celtic literature and tradition of sovereignty. She is a gracious, inspiring teacher, with a sense of humor matched by a sense of wonder! You don't have to be a Celt to explore with Marisa how to stand in your sovereignty!

Elizabeth Cunningham, author of The Maeve Chronicles


Marisa is a door opener, space holder, mission tracker, and gem of a human.

She helps me channel my inner visions, thoughts, and ideas in a way that empowers change in all areas of my life + private practice

Susan Stork, psychotherapist & owner, Space Between Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the workshop schedule?

All sessions are held on Mondays from 7 - 9 PM ET on Zoom.

  • May 13: Meet the Sovereign Within

  • May 20: Free the Princess

  • June 3: Crown the Queen

  • June 10: Embrace he WiseWoman

  • June 24: How to Craft Your Sovereign Story, Your Sovereign Life

Can I sign up if I know I will miss a session?

Absolutely. All calls will be recorded. You’ll also receive copies of the slides/ resource lists.

How do I book my individual session?

You’ll receive a link to book a one-on-one with Marisa a few weeks after we begin together.

Life is so full. How can I make a commitment to one more thing?

Think of the Your Sovereign Awakening is a place to land. It’s a circle where you can let yourself sink into new wisdom. The only “homework” associated with this program is to practice self-care when you can and to notice all the opportunities you have to explore sovereignty in your daily life.

A two hour online session on a Monday evening? Wait, what???

Does it seem kind of radical to spend two hours focusing on your empowerment, your creativity, your magic and to do it on a “school night”? Good. It ought to. Think of all the things you spend two hours doing all the time - commuting, buying jeans, watching two episodes of your favorite show. You are worth SO much more time than that. These five workshops are just the beginning…

The first hour or so of each session is spent exploring the course material - what is sovereignty, what are these archetypes and how do they show up in your live, etc. The second portion of the call is spent on intuitive sovereignty readings (hello, tarot cards!) and writing practice guided by my famous writing prompts. Don’t worry, the time is going to fly.

Questions about whether the Sovereign Awakening Program is the right fit for you?

Let’s set up a quick chat!