Copywriting for Coaches, Healers & Therapists


You’re inspired to do more than simply
"get clients."

You want to create connection.
You want to build relationships.
You want to serve and to heal.

Some people are born salespeople. They can sell ice to Eskimos and all that. I’m not one of those people. And that is exactly why you want me to help you write your copy.

As a therapist, a coach, and a creative being, you invite people to transform their lives. You want just the right words to tell your ideal clients how you’ll make their world more beautiful, bearable, and bold.

You need a storyteller who values your mission and who understands your ideal clients' needs.

I’m not going to help you sell just anything. That’s not the kind of business you’re running anyway.

I’m going to help you make a living doing what matters – by talking to the right people about the transformational services and products you offer.

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How we’ll write copy that connects

Some copywriters ask for a few product details and start churning out sales pitches. That's not what you're looking for. That approach would never work for a service provider or thought leader like you.

Instead, we’ll enter a conversation about what you stand for and what you really have to offer.

Expect questions about your mission and your vision, your hopes and your fears. Dare to tell me stories that seem too personal or totally off topic. Through such exchanges we will get to the essence what makes you special and discover what distinguishes your Sovereign Story.


Marisa was a tremendous help in writing my speciality page for women’s counseling. She made finding a metaphor that resonated with me and how I work with clients seem so easy and fluid. I appreciate her guidance, checking in with me part way through to confirm she was capturing what I had imagined and for what she created. — Nicole Burgess, LMFT, DCC

A general overview of the copywriting process

  1. You’ll complete a customized “Ideal Client, Ideal Business Questionnaire”
  2. We’ll scheduled at least one conversation to discuss your answers and your specific needs
  3. I’ll send you a first draft and we’ll go through two rounds of revisions (further revisions available for an additional fee)
  4. You’ll be able to run with the words that tell your story, connect to your audience, and help you sell more of what you do best

Let's talk to discuss how I help you complete writing projects that include:

  • website copy
  • one-sheets and other print media
  • your free report or other email opt-in gift
  • your signature information product

Investment: Each project is unique. Home and About page packages begin at about $1100.

Need ongoing help for the “little things”?
Hire me as your writer and editor on call.