Writing & Storytelling Coaching


You’re a transformation professional on a quest to own your story, but sometimes ownership has its headaches.

Blog posts. Website copy. Guest articles. Your online course. The personal stories you want to use to connect to your audience during your next talk or presentation. The book you know you’re meant to put out there.

On top of all of your other commitments to your practice, your business, and your life, these writing projects may seem too demanding.

The good news? With your own writing coach, you won’t have to develop, organize, and write all alone.

When you invite me to support your writing practice, you’ll have a sounding board, a fresh set of eyes, an experienced copywriter, a seasoned player in the digital marketing arena, a compassionate editor, and a passionate storyteller who is fiercely dedicated to helping you write your own Sovereign Story.

The words you use and the stories you tell – they matter

You want to capture the attention of the skimming online reader, but you don’t want to produce gimmicky, plastic prose. You want to sound like you, not like a marketer. You want your words to do their job and further your business without sacrificing what’s really important – your voice.

Call on me when you want to write content that matters, when you know that your work and your audience deserve more than “just another blog post” or “a quick services page.”

Call on me because you want to weave words that are meaningful to you, your readers, and your business.

Call on me because it's time to work on the bigger project - the book, the course, the big in-process ideas that don't quite have a form yet. 

What You Can Expect From Your Writing Coach & Story Healer

Writing coaching is a co-creative process. The web copy, posts, articles, and book chapters you end up with will feel like yours. They will emerge from your existing copy, results of our consulting sessions, what you produce in writing assignments I give you, and the edits I do for you.

Consider me your partner in every step of the writing journey. Together we will:

  • make sure you’re clear on the work you’re meant to do, the people you’re meant to serve, and the message you’re meant to bring to the world

  • determine the needs and interests of your readers

  • brainstorm and organize your ideas

  • create an editorial calendar that you can actually sustain

  • continue to journey together as your vision, audience, and business evolve

And I will:

  • help you decide which personal stories to tell so that you make a connection without worrying about oversharing

  • empower you to become a stronger writer, specifically when it comes to writing for an online audience

  • edit your work and make informed, detailed suggestions about your content


Writing Coaching Is For You If…

You feel like you can write. You enjoy writing.

Most of the time.

Whether it’s an encroaching deadline, the struggle with establishing a consistent writing routine, or a sense of overwhelm and feeling like you don’t know where to begin, you’re stuck.

You’re seeking a partner and adviser who will help you find joy and satisfaction in the writing practice.

This Style of Writing Coaching Isn’t For You If…

  • You feel like you need remedial help with the basics of writing.

  • You can’t imagine looking forward to writing and seeing it as an important use of your time.

  • You’re looking to create weekly list posts or other “by the book” writing. My style of coaching illicits powerful personal stories, not marketing fodder.


Writing Coaching Initial Consultation Process

Before I can support you as your writing coach, you'll need to introduce me to your story and your business through the Initial Consultation process. I'll be learning about you, but I'll also be asking you questions that enable you to see your own work and mission with greater clarity.

First, you’ll complete the Initial Questionnaire for Sovereign Storytellers and I’ll review up to five pages of your website OR 2000 words of your writing. (Editing services are not included in the initial review.)

We’ll have a 90-minute video conversation during which you’ll introduces me to your business, your goals, and your brand voice. Then, you'll have an additional 90 minutes of my time that can be used for a second consultation session or on-the-page work that can include detailed suggestions on your content and some editing.

Investment: $525 for the initial consultation and then we'll decide how many hours per month we'll be working together. 

$300 for two hours per month
$425 for three hours per month
$525 for four hours per month
$600 for five hours per month
Additional time within a 30 day period is billed at $120/hour

Writing Coaching & Editing Policies

  • Writing coaching services are offered on a monthly subscription basis. You pay up front each month for our time which can be devoted to a combination of conversation and on-the-page support.

  • Sign and prepay a yearlong contract and receive lucky month number thirteen for free!

  • We’ll set up a monthly subscription through PayPal so you can use any credit card you wish. When I’ve received your payment I will send you an email inviting you to share your work with me.

  • If you'd like help with blogging or newsletter creation, you’ll be most successful when you set a publication schedule and stick with it. Ideally, you’ll send me a piece a week before you plan on posting or sending it.

  • Use it or lose it – most of the time. You’re hiring a writing coach because you’re committing to a regular writing practice. That means that you can’t carry my time over to the next month just because you got too busy to write. Then again, real life can get in the way of the routine. If illness or some other major life events is going to keep you from your keyboard for an extended period, please just let me know and we can make arrangements.

  • I prefer to work in the powerful, free Google Drive because we can easily converse about edits through comments and ensure we’re always looking at the same version of your piece. I’ll make some text formatting suggestions within the doc (headers, bullets, italicization, etc.) but it is up to you to post the work on your website or format it specifically for submission.