You Don't Have to Call Yourself a Writer

If you receive the emails I send to my list every week or so and you're someone who tends to make your way to the very end of each note, you'll know I close my messages with a variation on "the writer in me sees the writer in you."

And, if we know each other a bit better and, say, have a had a chance to have a first chat about the story you'd like to tell and the message you'd like to share, we might have discussed a very important question:

Do you consider yourself a writer?

Many people I talk to - including many of the Sovereign Writers Circle members, actually - do not consider themselves to be writers.

When I hear that, I tend to smile and nod and say "I totally understand, but let's keep that an open question, ok?"

In truth, I believe that everyone who dares to pick up a pen to record their thoughts is a writer. 

It's an act of courage to meet yourself on the page, and that's what earns you the title of "writer" - not publication creds or an impressive daily word count.

When I say I see the writer in you, I hope to inspire you to see you as I see you, to give you a moment step back and have your potential mirrored back at you.

My offerings are for writers and not-yet-writers

As much as I believe in the writer waiting to be discovered within you, I understand that imposing an identity upon you may feel like a burden rather than a gift. And so I just want you to know that I honor the "I write but cannot be a writer" inside of you too.

That not-yet-a-writer within you, the one who is full of longing and doubt and hope... that's who I would like to see at the free community writing practice session on Wednesday, May 23 at noon ET.

All you need to do is bring a journal and your favorite pen. During our hour together I'll offer a few writing prompts and tips for how to approach writing practice if you're new to it. I'll also offer some ideas that will help you create a relationship with the page even when we're not sitting down to write together.

To attend or to receive the recording so you can practice on you own, just click the button.