Two Writing Prompts: The Sources of Silence and Guidance

We just held a free Community Writing Practice session, and the buzz in that space was palpable (even though were were spread across time zones and were "only" connected by video, voice, and creative energy).

I wanted to be sure you had a chance to experience this magic too...  

I invite you to set a timer and write in the prompts below. We gave ourselves 20 minutes for each, and, of course, you're encouraged to just keep going if the muse whispers "please don't stop."

As I told the gathering, I develop these prompts and create the space to practice because I know that writing practice is a gift and one that I want to offer up to as many people as I can as often as I can.

It's also a taste of the work and play that happens when the Sovereign Writers Circle members come together six times a month.

We're accepting applications now. New members are welcomed into the circle on the first of the month.

Prompt 1: The Sources of Silence

Humans need comfort and company, but we also need stillness and silence - especially when we’re diving within and trying to find the words that will carry us along the creative journey.

And yet, “to be silenced” can cause such great suffering.

You’re invited to sit with this whole idea of silence and look into both its shadows and its light…

Who or what has silenced you and made you doubt that you're a channel for truth?

And what about the nurturing sort of silence that you create for yourself? How does it feel and what do you do to enter that sort of creative, potential-filled silence?

Prompt 2: Ask the Guides

The creative journey can feel like a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be. Yes, it’s up to you to sit with yourself and put words on the page, but the entire universe is conspiring to help you find them…

Guidance, whispers of intuition, and secrets hiding in plain sight are awaiting you all the time. This is your chance to remember them and set an intention to stay tuned in.

When you’re out in nature, on the meditation cushion, or immersed in prayer, what do you hear? What messages have come through recently?

What members of your circle guide you along the way? You may want to write about the mentors, friends, or even children who show you the way.