Your Personal, Creative, and Spiritual Sovereignty

And then there comes a day when you can no longer say "someday" and you laugh into the fresh spring air and tell the singing birds, the blossoming trees, and anyone who will listen: it's TODAY.

Every creative being has a soul-deep passion, some kind of unique magic that is just waiting to be expressed.

It might be art on a canvas or words on a page. It might be the way you fill a home with good smells and even better energy. It might be an idea, a lived philosophy that you long to embody and share with the world.

For me, it's this whole idea of personal, creative, and spiritual sovereignty. It's the desire to empower other women to say "I am the one I have been waiting for. I choose myself. The time is now. I am here to make the world more beautiful, bearable, and bold. I do this by first grounding into myself and then into the earth and then reaching out my arms to heal, help, and start a revolution."

Want to find you magic? Want to discover how to free your princess, crown your queen, and embrace the wise woman within you?

The new nine-week workshop series, Your Sovereign Awakening begins Monday, May 13. Will you join us?