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Remember when summer equalled certain magic? Whether it was a summer romance, unbridled freedom, or unlimited reading time, summer held promise and mystery.

Let's reclaim that energy - one word and one image at a time.

Our Daily #7MagicWord Process

  1. Check your email for the get the daily prompts first thing in the morning, December 21-28.

  2. Carry the prompt in your mind and heart all day. Be conscious and curious and ask the magic to find you.

  3. You could stop there and feel your creative senses tingling a bit, or you could see how far the magic might take you...

  4. Post your daily word on your favorite social media platform and tag it with #7magicwords.* 

    • You may just want to post the word and move on.

    • Perhaps you’re inspired to share the story of why this word hold magic for you.

    • My favorite magical path: capture an image or make art to add visual and sensory magic and share the story too. Canva is a great place to add words to images. Unsplash is an awesome source for free images.

  5. Check in with the Magic Words Sanctuary Facebook group. This is the best place to meet with other Magic Makers and set your daily intention and do your nightly reflection… How do plan to make magic today? How did you live into the magic of the day?

* New to this hashtag thing? Write a comment as you typically would and simply add #7magicwords to the end. Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, using this common hashtag makes it easier to find and follow your fellow Magic Makers.



What is magic anyway? Here's the definition that guides my path and guides every step of the #7MagicWords journey:

Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will.