Story Illumination Sessions


During our session, I felt as if we went into some dark room, one that I had long been trying to figure out how to enter into by myself. It was a room that was lined with all the answers I needed.

You walked up to me with a lantern full of twinkle lights you said, “Ok, come on. We both know this place. I've got a way for us to see, so let's go in.  Oh, and by the way, I notice you've been carrying your own lantern all along but you've been covering it over with doubt. How about I help you pull the shades back so you can use the light of your own creativity to navigate this beautiful inner chamber of yours?"

That's how one beloved client described what she had experienced during our first Story Illumination Session.

Actually, I didn't have a name for these deep dives into story and these moments of healing until she offered this reflection. So often, our individual truths only become clear when they're gently held by someone else. 

And that's just what I would like to help you do during a Story Illumination Session: help light the way back to your own creative chamber within.


Story Illumination Sessions are for healers, therapists, and transformation seekers who feel like they’ve lost track of their creativity and lost access to their stories.

I'm here to remind you that the story you need to tell
has been waiting within you all along.

Between studying all the theory and uncovering all that entrepreneurial energy, it's all too easy to lose sight of your own creative spark. You feel like you've lost your unique voice in the quest to become a trusted professional. Your story has become so much less important that of the your clients you servie and the family you support. 

Together, we’ll find new depth and meaning in the stories you have been yearning to tell, help you redirect your own energy, and give you the clarity and courage to begin to express and create and manifest.

Because I’m a writer and storytelling coach, I trust that many of the would-be creative visionaries who find me will be struggling with writing projects, but you’re invited to come to your Story Healing Session with the intention of reworking your relationship with your creative energy and whatever creative project is asking for your attention.

When you awaken your creativity, you tune into the rhythm of your source. And that’s when the magic really begins.

What can you expect from your Story Healing Session?

  • A 60-minute Skype session. You’ll received the audio recording the next day.
  • Practical support: This is a chance to discuss and explore your work in progress or the work that refuses to progress with a coach who helps healing professionals tell their stories and get the writing. You’ll see your own project from new angles and get actionable advice that will help you make creative progress.
  • Magical support: A Reiki Master and a student at the Sacred Center Mystery School for the last ten years, I weave energy healing, crystals, oracle decks, guided meditation, and any other magical tools that want to help you into our session.
  • All sessions are guided by conscious listening, gentle questions, and muscle testing that helps us tap in to what your energy body knows but your mind hasn’t realized.


Single Session (60 minutes over Zoom) + recording: $150

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Creativity Coaching & Healing Session, three session package: $400

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