Every day, another Magic Word...

What kind of magic lingers in your language?

We know words have power. We know a single word can resonate at countless frequencies, only finding its meaning and its truth when it lodges itself in a particular human mind and is held in a particular human heart.

We know that words form verses and books that shape faiths and cultures that dictate the fate of the world. We know that the Word came first.

And yet, we’ve also heard that talk is cheap and we live in an age when we don’t know if it’s safe to take people at their word. We’re told not to be so sensitive about what people say and judge people by what they actually do.

It’s time to redefine our relationship with our words

With my own daily #365MagicWords project, I hope to deepen my relationship with the language I use. I hope to open doors for others so they can discover new magic spells for themselves.

With the #7MagicWords Challenge that I offer at the turn of each season I hope that a community of magic makers will inspire one another to make our world more beautiful, bearable, and bold.

Do you want to join me? The next round of the community #7MagicWord Challenge starts on June 13, 2018 - just in time to make plans for Some sweet summertime magic.

Learn more and sign up to join this free seven day project that promises to help you plant new seeds of creativity in the season to come.


How You Work the Magic Words. How the Magic Words Work You.

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