Writing Prompts for Creative Warriors

Every Wednesday at noon ET the members of the Sovereign Writers Circle gather to write. There’s something magical that happens when you sit down to the silence of a blank page while knowing you’re supported by a community of like-minded, like-hearted creative from around the country.

We come together to write into the two fresh writing prompts I create for the group each week. They’re designed to get everyone to go deep on a personal level and also potentially develop professional content too.

Just about all of the Sovereign Writers Circle members are “transformation professionals” - therapists, coaches, healers, teachers. They know that diving deep and really understanding and healing their own stories helps them become stronger healers themselves. And the stuff they write in our group can become the blog posts, course material, and book chapters that really build their vision, brand, and business.

Here’s a special sneak peek into this week’s Sovereign Writers Circle prompts!

Writing Practice 19, May 22

Prompt 1: Carry On, Warrior

There are two ways to carry a sword. You can hold it before you, ready to fight and defend. Or, you can strap it to your back, lining it up against your spine to remember to stand tall and stay firm.

When we look at the sword this way, we realize that we all have the option to be warriors. Even when we know ourselves to be pacificists, even when experience shows us we tend to run away from a fight.

Write into your relationship with being a warrior, to showing up for battle, to learning how to handle a sword.

Prompt 2: It Wasn’t Supposed To Go Down That Way

Sometimes, endings just don’t satisfy. The relationship that just dissolves. The vacation that never takes you somewhere new. The book or television series that just ends in “meh” or “how dare they???” Sometimes you end up feeling hollow after such dissatisfying conclusions. And sometimes you feel angry.

Write into the feelings around an ending that didn’t go the way you wanted or that didn’t leave you feeling fulfilled. And if you need to explore your feelings around the finale of Game of Thrones, permission granted.

I’d love to know what came up for you in these prompts. Please tell me about your warrior story and your thoughts about unsatisfying endings in the comment.

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