Meet Yourself On the Page: Write a Thank You Note to the Shadow

Writing is healing when you dare to meet yourself on the page. All you need to do is find a way to drop your armor and hush the inner critic.

Hmm... easier said than done. But where do you begin?

This week’s invitation for healers, creatives, writers, and would-like-to-be writers: Try writing a thank you note to the shadow.

Something surprising happens when you use the well-known format of a thank you note to dive into the hardest parts of your own story. The framework holds you at first and then it frees you to say what you really need to say.

You can write a thank you letter to a person who hurt you. You’re not thanking them for their abuse, but you might be thanking them for the new ways you were able to grow as you healed.

In this latest Writing & Magic Making video I tell you a little bit about the experience of writing a thank you note to a loved one’s addiction. It was hard and it was necessary and it was the only way I could uncover what I really was feeling.

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