Game of Thrones

Winter Called: It's Coming, #365StrongStories 17

Winter called. It's coming. #365StrongStories by Marisa Goudy The wise have long been counseling the headstrong heroes. Warriors have fallen with a final warning on their lips: Winter is coming.

Of course, Game of Thrones viewers have known something nasty was on its way. Over several seasons, we’ve watched the threat from the North take shape. All that stands between the innocent citizenry and zombie army is one last great wall.

Today, the leadership at our house got the call: Winter is coming this way too.

“I want a cell phone! Kids at school have them!”

(You can try to imagine that this was gently and logically delivered, but you’d be living in a fantasy world more mystical than Westeros.)

Everyone who watches plugged-in parents of small children have seen this coming. Technical forces whose power we don’t completely understand have us under siege. And they’re coming for our kids.

We’d been warned. We’d been talking about how we’d prepare. But there was always a more immediate dragon to slay and we assumed winter wouldn’t come to us ‘til she at least knew her multiplication tables.

It is not time for the great battle. Not yet. Queen Mama and King Dad still have a mighty arsenal excuses - all of which begin and end with “you’re six!” And our words still have more power than her demands.

We will join forces to maintain our girl’s childhood. Finally, we know it’s not just rumor and paranoia. It’s just the first concerted attack of our wall.

I’d love to say we were better prepared.