The Sovereignty Manifesto: Word Witch, Story Healer, Priestess of Sovereignty

A couple of weeks ago, I had trouble getting myself to the page. I was exhausted and frustrated. And the cycle just kept sweeping me up and throwing me under as I was just so exhausted by my frustration and frustrated by my exhaustion.

(This is not where a writer/writing coach needs to be.)

It turns out, the words that needed to come through me had to be spoken. And so, on the drive to pick up my younger daughter at preschool, I pressed record.

I had to declare who I am: Word Witch, Story Healer, Priestess of Sovereignty.

I had to declare what it is I am here to do: heal, create, love.

I had to state what is getting in our way and what it is we're truly here to do as a collective.

These are ideas I'd been playing with for ages, they are words I have surely spoken before. But never quite like this...

With these declaration, I found the way back. I found a way to brew my own medicine and feel the effects of my own magic.

Watch the video - and perhaps share it with friends who need the inspiration to craft their own declaration. 

The camera angle is crap, but as you listen to the Sovereignty Manifesto, I am sure you will agree that we need to quit worrying about such things and dive into the stories that tell us we need to look perfect and book a studio before we can speak.

We are more powerful and more divine than we dare to imagine. And yet, we are more frail and fallible than we dare admit.

This is my declaration of sovereignty and identity. It is my statement of all I am here to do: to heal, to create, to love. It's my invitation to every woman who is reckoning with privilege, with aging, with finding her voice, and telling her story.

These are the ideas at the heart of my work in progress, The Book of Sovereignty: Free the Princess, Crown the Queen, Embrace the WiseWoman (coming October 2019).

Want to uncover your own Sovereign Story? Join us in the Sovereignty Circle, the online community for women who want to live and write a more powerful story.

(PS: That mention of "Sheila Riske"? She's the heroine of the novels I've been working on for years... With every declaration of my own sovereignty, I am closer to being able to bring her into being.)