Choose Creative Commitment Over Chronic Overcommitment

It's the first of February and the end of a long week, and I have a few of questions for you...

What if you could stop tying yourself in knots of overcommitment? 

What if you found the strength and the structure to work toward your creative dreams?

What if you felt held and whole whole and full of possibility rather than chronically chased by "all the things"?

Here we are one month into this still fresh year. 

Here we are on the Celtic festival of Imbolc that marks the start of spring in Ireland, Scotland, and Britain and marks winter's midway point here in the upper latitudes of North America.

It feels like the perfect time to evaluate our relationship with our promises and our shoulds and the stuff we say want to do.

This is all related to my new year's resolution: radically rebirth my relationship with (over)commitment. I'm very much a work in progress after a lifetime spent saying yes to all things.

I talk about creating a new relationship to commitment during this week's video.