Driving Forward Into the Past, #365StrongStories 37

Driving Forward Into the Past, #365StrongStories by Marisa Goudy“Does it feel like a good sign or a bad sign that the dealership uses your old plant as a carpark?” I asked my husband this on our way to the Poughkeepsie Mazda place. This wasn’t a particularly triumphant trip. My husband had walked away from a totaled car last month (thank the gods!) and we were on our way to find a replacement. We weren’t excited about a new car payment and we all would have been happier spending our Saturday hiking in the woods.

But here we were on one of those commercial strips that make America mediocre doing what consumers do as Presidents’ Day draws near.

We did the car browsing dance, learning the steps as we went along. When my two year-old got tired, she and I went back to the mess of an SUV that is the family vehicle.

That’s when I got the text. “The red one in the distance. It’s parked right where my old office used to be.”

And so, we met Karma, the “soul red” sedan that's going to be a necessary addition to the family.

It felt destined and blessed and we were grateful for something more than reliable transportation.

My husband loved that job before the factory was shut down. We were looking for a sign that we were doing more than signing away five years of monthly installments. We needed this to be something more than a car.

You might say it was fate or you might say we were making up a story to make the whole deal more palatable. Either way, it worked in a way that no sales pitch ever could. What about you - what big move did you make based on “the universe said so”?