Writer & Editor on Call


Your “Second Set of Eyes” Writer and Editor On Call

There’s always something the needs to be written or polished… A response to a reporter or blogger who wants to include you in a story. A sales page for a timely offer. A feature article for a local magazine.

Retain me as your writer and editor on call and I can ensure that every piece of writing that you post or submit connects with readers and  enhances your professional reputation.

Packages are based on how much of my time you’ll need:

$139 for one hour per month
$259 for two hours per month
$359 for three hours per month
$439 for four hours per month
$499 for five hours per month

Once you have me on retainer you can expect a response with one business day and I’ll often be able to turn around the whole project in that one-day period if it requires less than 30 minutes work. Your tasks will sit in the top portion of my priority list, so I promise quick response.

All Second Set of Eyes services are conducted over email only after our initial consultation. If you’re interested in discussing your writing and your projects by phone, explore the Sovereign Standard Writing Coaching.

Let’s talk about whether this is the best way I can support you and your business. We’ll have a free 15-minute chat and, if we’re a good fit, we’ll start our relationship with an initial consultation.


Writing & Editing Initial Consultation Process

Before I can support you as your writer and editor on call, you'll need to introduce me to yourself and your business through the Initial Consultation process. I'll be learning about you, but I'll also be asking you questions that enable you to see your own work and mission with greater clarity.

First, you’ll complete an Ideal Client/Ideal Business Questionnaire and I’ll review up to five pages of your website OR 2000 words of your writing. (Editing services are not included in the initial review.)

We’ll have a 60-minute phone conversation during which you’ll introduces me to your business, your goals, and your brand voice.

After the call you’ll receive a report of recommendations and strategies that will guide the next phase of your writing practice and help you make the most of my ongoing support.

Investment: $450 for the initial consultation and then a set monthly fee based as outlined above.


Writing Coaching & Editing Policies


  • Writing coaching and editing services are offered on a monthly subscription basis. You pay up front each month for suggestions and editing of the agreed-upon word count plus consultation time if that is part of your package.
  • Sign and prepay a yearlong contract and receive lucky month number thirteen for free!
  • We’ll set up a monthly subscription through PayPal so you can use any credit card you wish. When I’ve received your payment I will send you an email inviting you to share your work with me.
  • You’ll be most successful when you set a publication schedule and stick with it. Ideally, you’ll send me a piece a week before you plan on posting it.
  • Use it or lose it – most of the time. You’re hiring a writing coach because you’re committing to a regular writing practice. That means that you can’t carry my time over to the next month just because you got too busy to write. Then again, real life can get in the way of the routine. If illness or some other major life events is going to keep you from your keyboard for an extended period, please just let me know and we can make arrangements.
  • I prefer to work in the powerful, free Google Drive because we can easily converse about edits through comments and ensure we’re always looking at the same version of your piece. I’ll make some text formatting suggestions within the doc (headers, bullets, italicization, etc.) but it is up to you to post the work on your website or format it specifically for submission.