To be sovereign.

What do those words – most often used in historical fiction and discussions of statecraft – have to do with being a creative entrepreneur?

When you stand sovereign:

  • You are your own ruler. You compassionately direct your own reactions, emotions, and expectations.
  • You are an authority in your field. You lead in order to serve, offering up your wisdom, generosity, and experience.
  • You are sure of your abilities, and that liberates you to empower and share with others.
  • You are confident in your worth, and that opens you to invest in yourself and in your community.

And what does writing have to do with Sovereignty?

Writing into an idea or problem is the best way to open yourself to new possibilities. Put your thoughts into words and take the most direct path from inspiration into action.

But you know this because that’s how it works for you – or at least it’s what you want writing to do for you.

A writing practice that’s dedicated not only to clarity and manifestation, but is also a quest for sovereignty, can take you even further.

Your Sovereign Story

It begins with your own story. Write your entrepreneur’s autobiography and explore where the personal, professional, and aspirational converge.

In this process, you acquire vital self-knowledge.

And then, you craft these insights. You describe your mission, your vision, and the fundamentals of what you’re about and what you have to offer. You tell stories that connect, uplift, and encourage readers to lean closer and recognize themselves in your words.

When you enter the writing practice with this foundation and this perspective, you will publish content that both reflects and shapes your work.

You are fully in possession of your own story, your own gifts, your own ability to give and receive in equal measure.

You are Sovereign.

You hold the key to your own destiny when you’re in possession of your own story.  You become a creative source able to sustain yourself, your business, and the community you serve.

Sovereignty becomes a way of life and the way of your work.

As your writing coach, I support your Story & your Sovereignty

My mission:

  • Empower you to uncover what Sovereignty means to you – both as individual and as an entrepreneur.
  • Support your writing process as you transform Your Sovereign Story into words.

Can I help you write your way into a new story that’s really yours and that speaks to the people you care about most?

Let's begin with a Story Illumination Session or a Creative Business Visioning Session or contact me today to set up a free initial consultation.