Magic Words Integration Package


#7MagicWords was just the beginning....

The very first weeklong Magic Words Challenge has just concluded. I'm so grateful to those who posted every day or joined when they could or who simply offered encouragement to those who did respond to the daily prompts. It went by so fast and yet was so packed with inspiration and creativity and possibility. 

As one Magic Maker said:

This was such an enlightening and deeply moving challenge. I'm pretty sure it's the most transformative challenge I've ever done. Thank for this space to explore words more deeply!

Let's keep the momentum going.

It's time start casting some spells with those magic words.

The magic words you chose - or the words that chose you - they probably revealed a lot about who you are and what matters to you.

Some words were probably quite familiar and comfortable. They were old friends that you began to see in a new way.

Other words might have been tougher to find. They were harder to understand and "own."

There's a deeper story and a broader meaning behind each word you chose. Oh, and there's magic too. ;)

When you understand more about your own magic, you can access your creativity more freely and you can express your personal and professional message more clearly.

I'd like to be your companion as you discover how you can use your magic words to unlock your creativity, tell your stories, or market your business.

This is a chance to investigate...

  • the stories you must tell
  • the professional message you wish to craft
  • the creative project you long to birth
  • the business venture you need to describe
  • ... or any other magic you want to manifest in the world

Introducing the Magic Words Integration Package

This July, I am offering a unique collaborative opportunity for Magic Makers who want to integrate what they discovered through the project and start making magical things happen!

NOTE: If you only caught the last days of the #7MagicWords Challenge or didn't have a chance to participate fully, I will give you access to a page with all the challenge prompts when you sign up for the Magic Words Integration Package.

This package has two parts - exploring ideas over email for a couple of weeks and then inviting the real magic to find us during a 90-minute consulting session. 

You and I will start writing to one another on July 1 and we'll speak sometime between July 15 and 19.

Not available for a session during that five day period?  Contact me and we can talk about setting up a date in August.

How does the package work?

Part One: Epistolary Exploration

First of all, isn't "epistolary" a delightful word? It means "relating to the writing of letters" and I believe it's the best way to help you keep the magic of your words alive and growing. It's important not only to keep writing but to keep up a conversation about the power and depth of the words you've discovered.

Let's write to one another about what you've discovered and create a shared space for you to find meaning in the process.

We'll exchange emails over the course of two weeks.* It's your chance to try out your ideas, ask for feedback, receive prompts that invite you to go deeper and uncover new territory, and prepare us for a productive and, dare I say, enchanting conversation in mid-July.

(Please note: Expect prompts or responses from me every other day during our correspondence period. If you write to me more often, you can trust that I will read each message and integrate it into my next response, but I will not necessarily reply to each individual note.)

Part Two: Enchanting Conversation

After we've explored words and dreams and considered your passions and your business goals and everything in between, we'll have a 90-minute chat. I'll send you a recording and some notes from our call.

We'll talk about what you want your words to do and how you'll begin to craft them so they can carry your visions.

What can you expect from our call? I'm a magic maker and a writer. I am also a healer and an entrepreneur with a depth of digital marketing experience.

We can use our time together to talk about the practical - how to use your magic words to speak to your ideal clients or how to approach that writing project that you just can't seem to begin.

Or, we can dive into the mysteries the words are trying to show you. I can weave together energy healing, crystals, oracle decks, guided meditation, and any other magical tools that want to serve you.



This includes two weeks of correspondence (with at least seven replies from me) starting July 1; a 90-minute consultation via phone or Skype between July 15 and 19; call recording; and, post-call notes.