Coaching & Intuitive Healing
for Creatives and Transformation Professionals

Part of you – a vital part of you – is inaccessible. 

You know there’s a well of creative energy and a river of stories in everyone. It’s part of our human birthright. But you just can’t reach yours. You feel out of step, you feel depleted, and you might even feel like a fraud.

Because you’re dedicated to embodying your vision of holistic living, this disconnection from your own creativity feels uncomfortable, even unbearable. It's time to align your fleeting moments of insight with the practical ability to manifest dreams into reality. 

Where do you begin?

Do you feel like the ideas scatter as soon as you sit down to write? Do you feel blocked and like your creative muse has taken up residence elsewhere? Begin with a Story Illumination Session.

Or, are you overwhelmed with ideas for marketing your business and sharing your vision but find your ideas are in a bottleneck, stuck in your throat and making you feel like you can't make any headway? Let's set up a Creative Business Messaging Session.


Story Illumination Sessions

Explore your relationship with your story.

Dissolve the blocks that silence you.

Discover how to access your own everyday creative magic.

This unique combination of energy healing and creativity coaching helps you dissolve barriers and access your own brilliance in a new way.


Creative Business Messaging

Your business is an expression of your passion, and that's a beautiful thing. But that often means you find yourself in a complicated tangle, wondering how to describe something so big and intimate and meaningful.

Let's lean into intuition and marketing experience to help you find some clarity so you can start sharing your message with the world.