Do Less. Hold More. A Story Shift by Rebecca Wong

This is the first post in the StoryShifter series, a weekly feature in the #365StrongStories project. Rebecca Wong, LCSW, offers us this mindset shifting concept:

Do Less. Hold More.

Do less. Hold more. A #365StrongStories story shift by Rebecca Wong, therapist and consulIn our fast paced, instant gratification world, one of the best ways to care for ourselves and others is to do less.

Instead of doing more, we need to be more present and attuned to our own needs and also the needs of those around us.

Be present. Show up.

See, hear, and understand the pain. See, hear and understand ourselves and them.

Hold them.

rebecca wong connectfulness.comRebecca is a relationship therapist and professional consultant in private practice in New York's Hudson Valley where she lives with her husband, two children, and a few four legged mischief makers.  Dive deeper into this idea of “Do less. Hold more.” and discover Rebecca’s relationship practice, Connectfulness.

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