3 Ways to Connect to Creative, Healing Magic (even in the midst of chaos)

3 Ways to Connect to Creative, Healing Magic (even in the midst of chaos) | by Marisa Goudy, copywriting and writing coach Stringing together sentences. Putting paragraphs in their place. Writing the stories that reflect your own clear truth and speak to the passions and concerns of your readers… How’s that going for you right now?

I have to admit, the whole writing process has gotten a bit… well, weird for me over the last few months. When I can focus, I can still make the words come together (copywriting work for healers and therapists with big hearts and big visions has been such a solace). But when it comes to developing blog posts, I feel completely stuck.

What do you write when your head & heart are too full?

When information overload related writer's block hits, this is what I ask myself: what do my readers need to hear from me right now? (Maybe you need to hear that I’m struggling with the same post-election/social justice/what do we do now writer’s block that you have.)

I want to acknowledge what's going on in the greater world. There’s nothing worse than seeming tone deaf to the collective conversation. Plus, if I want to be authentic, I need to admit I’m immersed in the headlines and the editorials and the calls to action and ignoring them doesn't feel right.

And yet, I need to honor that my readers follow me to talk about writing and magic, not for my political opinions.

Silence isn’t an option - both because I have a business that needs me to build an online presence and because holding my tongue means diminishing my strength. So, now what?

In this time of confusion when it’s so hard to know what to say, I’ve decided to dance with my ideas and use my words in different ways. Lately, I’ve been called to express myself beyond the blog post, and I invite you to join me.

3 ways to connect to creative, healing magic (even in the midst of the chaos)

1) #365MagicWords: One month into this daily practice of sharing a word, an image, and a few lines of “my why,” I am so grateful I decided to commit myself to yearlong magic. Instead of thinking my way through some fully baked blog post, I use my intuition to pick up on the energy of the day. It’s been so revealing and so healing.

Alignment, comfort, flow, and movement are just a few of the words that reflect my feelings and guide my vision.

You can see my daily posts on Instagram, but I’d love for you start casting your only daily language spells. Please join the new #365MagicWords community on Facebook to share your words and your daily why.

2) The Practice of Being Seen Podcast:  Did you catch the launch buzz last week? After a year of planning, my dear friend and co-conspirator Rebecca Wong and I released the first four episodes of the podcast. There’s another on the way tomorrow.

As we say on our brand new website, through conversations and interviews, we dive into stories, myths, and psychological insights that will shift the way you see yourself and your world. We don’t promise complete distraction from what's going on in the world, but we can offer an alternative to the stressful headlines with thoughtful discussion of what it means to adjust to the "new reality." This is where I’m focusing my “how on earth can we respond to this mess?” energy and I pray that it helps you in your own process too.

Please listen, subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes or get the episodes on our website.

3) Take this time to work on your core message. I’ve been focusing on my own website and the content over at Practice of Being Seen.

It might not be time to pour your energy into the outrage of the day and news that’s upsetting your and your clients. Instead, it’s time to get to the core of what matters to your community, how they’re hurting, and how you can help them today and for years to come. Let’s talk about how my copywriting services can help you develop your message.

How are you holding onto your own magic and creativity, even when the news makes you want to bury your face in your hands? Tell me about it in the comments.