Life is too fleeting to lose yourself in work you do not love.

I know this in my bones. That’s why I support coaches, healers, therapists, and transformation professionals tell stories that connect.

What was your “this changes everything” moment?

Though I’d always suspected there was something to “follow your bliss,” this brutal, beautiful truth came to roost in my soul one morning in July, 2010.

Before that, I felt at home with my infant daughter, my super-supportive husband, and a job I disliked but withstood for the sake of the mortgage. This was the life I’d signed up for – even if it left me yearning for greater freedom and creative expression.

When my mother died just before that summer dawn eight years ago, all the furniture in my comfortable little house was rearranged.

I loved my baby. I loved my man. But, even for their sake, I couldn’t force myself into a windowless office every day, devoting myself to someone else’s agenda, counting the minutes until I could escape into a world that mattered.

I couldn’t cheat myself out of living my own life when my mom could die of an out-of-the-blue heart attack at age 60.

So, I quit my job in academic administration and began my entrepreneurial experiment.

Do you have a “this changes everything” story about what launched you into your business or solo practice? Start telling it. Start by telling me.

Learn It By Living It

Teaching myself about copywriting, marketing, website architecture, and social media often felt more random than strategic.

Looking back, there’s a certain logic to the last seven years of explosions, statistically (and financially) insignificant results, and endless hours at the lab bench (er, writer’s desk).

Thanks to a combination of solo work and partnerships, including the website design firm Online Empowerment, I gathered a wealth of experience about the art and science of building an online platform. When I was involved with the Practice of Being Seen podcast and community I learned so much about the unique needs of therapists and the transformative power of relationships.

There’s so much to creating a successful, profitable presence on the web. I learned about it from as many angles as I could. In addition to learning the tricks of the trade, these experiences taught me one very important thing: what I wasn't meant to do for my clients.

Eventually, I freed myself from what I “could” do and I stepped into what I was really born to do:

Write and help others write.

Stand sovereign in my own story and help others tell their Sovereign Stories.

(Right now, I am writing my own book, The Sovereignty Knot. It's due out in October 2019.) 

It All Comes Back to the Magic.
IT ALL Comes Back to the Words

I only understand my own thoughts after I’ve pinned a flowing idea to the page, walked away, returned to the editing dance, and then read it all with fresh eyes.

Helping others make sense of their own thoughts and craft them into words is exactly how I’m meant to serve. It’s the work I’ve been built to love.

From the beginning I was a writer, and though I’ve poured my love of prose into everything from fiction to scholarly writing to marketing copy, it always comes back to telling personal stories that matter.

The Mystic Within

There’s something more enduring than the English language, coffee, and sheer determination that sustains me through all this.

An energy healer for fifteen years, I practice Chumpi Illumination and Reiki. I’ve been student at Eleanora Amendolara’s Sacred Center Mystery School since 2007 and I co-authored her most recent book Chumpi Illumination: Gateways to Healing and Transformation.

My intuitive skills, my respect for the individual healing journey, and my experience as a holistic practitioner enhances all of my work – even if you’re not a health professional and even if we never discuss mysticism or energy medicine.

Inherently, the writing process is a personal journey of discovery and transformation. I’ve learned to hold space for that opening as I help you bring your stories into the world.

The Past and the Present

I did my undergraduate work in English with a focus on Irish lit and history and Women’s Studies at Boston College and received my MA in Anglo-Irish Literature from University College, Dublin. 

Though I’ve lived in New York’s Hudson Valley for over fifteen years, I’ll forever be a mermaid living in the mountains. Originally from Cape Cod, the ocean is my true home.

Always clear that love and family are at the core of my life, every good day mingles doses of magic, creative expression, professional work, deep conversation, good books, spiritual and physical self-care, being a feisty feminist, laughing with my husband, and raising up two young daughters to be peaceful, powerful, passionate humans.

You can find me on all the usual social platforms (Instagram is my favorite spot, especially when I’m sharing magic words and updates on The Sovereignty Knot).

I’d love to teach a little bit of what I know about how to tell a meaningful story. I'd love to walk beside you as you uncover your own Sovereign song.