#7MagicWords, Winter 2018

Welcome to your week of magic making!

I’m sorry that you' weren’t able to be with us when made magic together leading up to the Winter Solstice, but you’re here according to your own divine timing and thats, well, rather divine!

To begin, please check out your free guide, The Magic Within the Words.

You’re also invited to join us in the MagicWords Sanctuary where you’re always welcome to share the word that’s getting your attention and asking to be explored.

Click the image to download your free guide to making magic. It’s essential reading before you dive into #7MagicWords!

Click the image to download your free guide to making magic. It’s essential reading before you dive into #7MagicWords!

A Quick #7MagicWords "How To" 

  1. These prompts were delivered over the course of a week and I recommend you take them one day at a time. Carry the prompt in your mind and heart all day. Be conscious and curious and ask the magic to find you.

  2. You could stop there and feel your creative senses tingling a bit, or you could see how far the magic might take you...

  3. You could follow my favorite magical path: snap a picture, find an image, or make art to add visual magic to your word. Tell the story of why this word matters.

    Here's what I do just about every day: as I am putting my little one to sleep, I cast my mind over the day. I look for the themes, the "ah ha" moments, and the stuff I'm still trying to make sense of. The word finds me as I release myself from expectation and trying to control the process. Then, I either use a photo I've taken or look to Unsplash, an awesome source for free images. Then I go to Canva (app or desktop) which is a great resource when you want to add words to images. 

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  4. Check in with the Magic Words Project Facebook group. This is the best place to meet with other Magic Makers and set your daily intention and do your nightly reflection… How do plan to make magic today? How did you live into the magic of the day?

* New to this hashtag thing? Write a comment as you typically would and simply add #7magicwords to the end. Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, using this common hashtag makes it easier to find and follow your fellow Magic Makers.

Day 1

Our first prompt: a word that knows

#7MagicWords day 1: a word that knows

And so we begin our foray into the mystery...

Let's begin with the territory you know. The contents of your own heart, your own faith, your own home, your own internal library.

When you look around you and you look within, what do you know in your core? What truths are yours now and evermore?

Ask for a word that will help you hold close that which you are certain of, that which holds you and makes you feel safe?


Day 2


Our second prompt: a word that wonders

If the goal of this particular #7MagicWords Challenge is to dive into the mystery, what do you need to consider, to open to, to allow to enter in?

Leave the script, the to do list, the expectations behind just a few minutes today.

Wonder at the bright blue sky above the shopping plaza, the way the light filters through the kitchen window, the silent expanse of night sky before you get lost in the relentless insistence of the TV.

Seek out a word that inspires you to wander beyond the typical thoughts and routines and takes you into the virgin wood, into the unblemished snow.

Find a word that brings you to the sense wonder that inspired you when you were a young explorer. Welcome in a word that calls you to be the wanderer you might never have been.


Day 3


Our third prompt: a word that unravels

We began this challenge with safety, security, with knowing. Then, we started to wander a bit further into wondering.

Now, it's time to tug at the threads of some well-worn sweaters and test which will hold together and which are destined to come apart in your hands.

You're being called to to enter the realm of the unknown. It's time to tear apart some of the truths that you've outgrown or that have simply gone out of fashion.

But remember, you hold the thread. You hold the connection to the familiar and to all that has helped you decide who you are.

It's time to find a word that unravels the flaws in the pattern. 

This is your chance to look closely at what you didn't like about the past year - or the past decade or even the past life. Ask for a word that helps you tease out the tangles so you can weave something you love.


Day 4

Our fourth prompt: a word that questions

We know what we know, but do we know what we don't know?

There's great power in coming into relationship with all that is unseen and undreamed. New ideas conspire to reveal themselves when you can enter into a situation with a beginner's mind.

Seek out a word that questions the world as it's always been, that questions youas you've always been.


Day 5

7MW Winter 2018.png

Our fifth prompt: a word that answers

Over the last couple of days we entered the realm of the unknown, unraveling our assumptions and questioning the world as it is.

This is the day to find a word that brings you back to yourself and the wisdom that has been within you all along.

Seek out a word that offers an answer in the midst of the mystery. 


Day 6


Our sixth prompt: a word that assures

This seven word trip into the mystery is meant to pull you into new and uncertain territory. (Surely you've seen that little graphic that reminds you that the magic happens when you're outside your comfort zone.) 

I'm all for a good challenge (obviously!). I believe that the kind of fear that comes with growth is sacred fear.

But then... here we are in the midst of the holidays. We need some comfort and joy alongside our questions and our mystery.

Seek out a word that offers some coziness and security. Ask for a word that assures you that you are on the right track - in this challenge and in all things.


Day 7


Our seventh prompt: a word that opens

From knowing to wondering, from questioning to answering, as we've journeyed through this Magic Words Challenge there's been one unified intention throughout: open yourself to the mystery of your everyday creative energy.

What inspires you to spread your wings, to take off into the unknown, to welcome the stranger, to find the bravery to take it to the next level?

Today, you're invited to seek a word that opens you to your potential.


Day 8


Our eighth (and final) prompt in #7magicwords : a word that integrates

It’s a #7MagicWords tradition to have an eighth prompt that invites you to integrate all the words you’ve found in the last week. 

Can you find a word that holds the known and the unknown, the edges and the places of comfort?

Can you find a word that brings you back to YOU after this weeklong journey? What word wants to hold you in 2019?

The Magic Continues

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