#7MagicWords, Fall 2018

Welcome to your week of magic making! If you’ve signed up for the challenge you’ll get each prompt at 7 AM ET, but you can come here to catch up, get the “how to” of the project, and read the free guide, The Magic Within the Words.

Click the image to download your free guide to making magic. It’s essential reading before you dive into #7MagicWords!

Click the image to download your free guide to making magic. It’s essential reading before you dive into #7MagicWords!

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A Quick #7MagicWords "How To" 

  1. These prompts were delivered over the course of a week and I recommend you take them one day at a time. Carry the prompt in your mind and heart all day. Be conscious and curious and ask the magic to find you.

  2. You could stop there and feel your creative senses tingling a bit, or you could see how far the magic might take you...

  3. You could follow my favorite magical path: snap a picture, find an image, or make art to add visual magic to your word. Tell the story of why this word matters.

    Here's what I do just about every day: as I am putting my little one to sleep, I cast my mind over the day. I look for the themes, the "ah ha" moments, and the stuff I'm still trying to make sense of. The word finds me as I release myself from expectation and trying to control the process. Then, I either use a photo I've taken or look to Unsplash, an awesome source for free images. Then I go to Canva (app or desktop) which is a great resource when you want to add words to images. 

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  4. Check in with the Magic Words Project Facebook group. This is the best place to meet with other Magic Makers and set your daily intention and do your nightly reflection… How do plan to make magic today? How did you live into the magic of the day?

* New to this hashtag thing? Write a comment as you typically would and simply add #7magicwords to the end. Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, using this common hashtag makes it easier to find and follow your fellow Magic Makers.

Day 1

Our first prompt: a word that focuses

#7MagicWords day 1: a word that focuses

And so we begin our quest for simplicity..

Begin by getting your own attention so you can hone in on your intentions, your needs, and your magic.

Seek out the activities that focus your mind and your senses. Be on the lookout for people and creatures who seem to possess the gift of focus.

Ask for a word that will help you concentrate on what most matters to you.


Day 2


Our second prompt: a word that clears

If the goal of this particular #7MagicWords Challenge is simplicity, what do you need to clear from your head, your desk, and your schedule?

You might find some benefit in making a list of the stuff that needs to get swept away, put away, and tossed away… but don’t get stuck on the “what” right now.

Instead, seek out a word that inspires you to find, create, and sustain the energy of clarity. 


Day 3


Our third prompt: a word that chooses

You’re held in the lap of sweetest simplicity when you can confidently declare “this, not that… at least for now.”

And yet, making decisions can feel really hard. It’s scary to feel as if you’re shutting down an entire realm of possibility by simply saying “no thank you, I want this other one instead.”

But it’s in the being choosy that the right magic chooses us. Ask for a word that helps you see the limitless potential that opens to you when you make a choice.


Day 4

Our fourth prompt: a word that expands

By setting loving limits and making conscious choices we expand ourselves to untold possibility.

Move into this day seeking a word that stretches your wings, lengthens your stride, transforms your scope, and opens everything up.

And then, meet you, expanded.


Day 5

Our fifth prompt: a word that liberates

We tie ourselves up in complexity and bind ourselves with rules. This is your chance to free yourself of the shoulds, the expectations, and all that grown up good kid nonsense that curbs your creativity and dims your drive.

Walk through this day asking “what does freedom look, sound, feel, smell, and taste like?” Find the word that will help you get in touch with that sense of liberated joy.


Day 6


Our sixth prompt: a word that comforts…

In this quest for simplicity we’re clearing and choosing, focusing and liberating. Let’s not forget that there’s softness in simplicity too. A simple chair where you feel most safe and at home, perhaps.

What word offers you comfort and solace in a world that’s so full of change and movement?


Day 7


Our seventh prompt: a word that illuminates

We consider magic and we dance with creativity and we crave simplicity because we want to find a clear way forward. We need something to light the way…

What word holds that sense of illumination for you?

What word can you turn to in the darkness when the monsters of complexity and the goblins of confusion start scratching at the door?


Day 8


Our eighth (and final) prompt in #7magicwords : a word that integrates…

It’s a #7MagicWords tradition to have an eighth prompt that invites you to integrate all the words you’ve found in the last week.

Can you find a word that strips out the guesswork and helps you draw a sense of simplicity, clarity, and peace into your life, your work, your art?